Canadian Pharmacist of the Year

Bruyère Continuing Care and the Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute are proud to have Barbara Farrell as Canada’s Pharmacist of the Year. Nominated by her peers, out of a possible 32,586 pharmacists in Canada, and due to her work in pharmacy practice and interprofessional research, teaching credentials, innovative thinking yet impeccable bedside manner, Barbara Farrell is the recipient of this prestigious award.

“We feel Dr. Farrell embodies the intent of the Award because she is a unique amalgamation of a dedicated practicing pharmacist, clinical pharmacist leader, respected educator and mentor, and innovative researcher,” states Canadian Pharmacist of the Year recipient in 2003, Lisa Dolovich and Derek Jorgenson, Canadian Pharmacist of the Year recipient in 2010. “Dr. Farrell is a pharmacist who demonstrates leadership and exemplifies the evolution of the pharmacist profession toward an expanded role in health care.”

Dr. Farrell works as part of the Bruyère Geriatric Day Hospital interdisciplinary team to ensure medications are working well and not causing problems for her older patients by carrying out medication assessments including patient and caregiver interviews, detailed chart reviews, identification of drug therapy problems, generation of solution-focused recommendations and documentation of her assessments, findings and follow-up.

She is an advocate for continuing professional education and mentorship, which her nominators estimate have helped thousands of pharmacists improve their clinical skills and change their practice model. Barbara Farrell has influenced the practice of pharmacy from individual practitioners to program development and evaluation projects at the local, provincial, national and international levels.

Bruyère physicians and colleagues of Barb Farrell state, “Barb is warm, friendly, enthusiastic and a team player. We feel lucky to work with someone of this caliber on a regular basis.”
The award, presented in recognition of outstanding service to the profession of pharmacy and her commitment to community service, was presented at the Canadian Pharmacists Association’s annual conference on Sunday, May 29 in Montreal, QC.