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MediSolution, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems, is a leading information technology company.  We have been providing ERP software, solutions and services to healthcare and service sector customers across North America since 1974.

Whether through our Virtuo ™ Payroll and Human capital management solutions, our Virtuo Financial management, our Decision support tool or through our Supply chain management software; all of our solutions are integrated and designed to improve and optimize efficiency.

Over 300 healthcare, public and service sector organizations rely on MediSolution’ systems, including our Dynamine decision support software solution and Dynaboard, a web-based secured BI solution covering most of the applications used in the Canadian healthcare system.
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Established in 2004, SIMMS is a Canadian software development company that specializes in providing intuitive and complete solutions for the medical community.
The SIMMS Enterprise is a cloud based solution, designed to drive workflow, reduce costs and manage information so that healthcare professionals can focus on running more efficient operations resulting in better patient care.  The solution is ideal for managing multiple location and distributed site facilities.
1 (855) 55-74667 (SIMMS) 

Based on our 35 years of experience, we are an innovative company that markets complete technology solutions tailored for healthcare professionals and their employees. From billing software to EMR, to IT infrastructure services and medical imaging solutions, our offering remains unmatched in the market.

Softinfo is a recognized solutions provider and a strong business partner. Our expert team of over 40 employees understands the needs of your practice and listens to you. At Softinfo, your satisfaction will always be our priority.

At Softinfo, you will find high quality products and services, born from the expertise of a team that will be able to support you as closely as possible during each stage of planning, implementation and operation of your project.
1 (855) 353-SOFT (7683)

REDUCE YOUR RISK AND SECURE YOUR COMPANY’S INFORMATION AND REPUTATION. Iron Mountain is the global leader in managing physical information. We have extended our IM expertise into electronic document management, helping companies of all sizes transition securely from the physical workspace to digital workflows.


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Whether you’re looking for a Nurse Call, Emergency Code Call, Staff Duress, Patient Wandering, Wireless Voice Communication or Infant Abduction system, we can assist. We select only the most technologically advanced platforms in an effort to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

AnsellCares is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.
Our charter is to create education and awareness campaigns among healthcare professionals, industry experts and those at risk of infection, in the identification and prevention of occupational diseases and infection transmission. We seek to provide a safer working and living environment while promoting good health and well being

ARAMARK Canada Healthcare Management Services provides comprehensive healthcare solutions. We are committed to helping create the best environments for hospitals, healthcare systems, and senior living facilities to support the best patient and resident care. Our wide-ranging capabilities include: Food and Nutrition Services, Facility Services, Clinical Technology Services and Senior Living Services.
Clorox Healthcare

Clorox markets some of the most trusted and recognized brand names for infection control professionals, including Clorox Healthcare™ Bleach Germicidal Wipes and Cleaners, DISPATCH® Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach Towels, Clorox Healthcare™ Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes and Cleaners, and Clorox® Broad Spectrum Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaners. These Clorox® products are fast-acting, EPA-registered, cleaner disinfectants intended for use by healthcare personnel on environmental surfaces and medical equipment to help reduce the spread of pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). With the acquisition of Caltech Industries, Clorox has become one of the leading providers of bleach disinfectants in more than 2,500 acute care facilities across the nation. With a deeper commitment to providing efficacious solutions to the healthcare industry, Clorox will continue to build upon its rich history of helping infection preventionists stop the spread of pathogens in their facilities.

Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. We provide contract biologic R&D and manufacturing services to the diagnostic manufacturers along with GMP biologics manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical market.To learn more. please visit, or contact us at or 1-631-624-4882.

Creative Diagnostics provides a wide range of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules including cytokines, growth factors, markers for infectious diseases, diabetes and tumor, drugs and small molecules, etc.

Creative Diagnostics provides a wide range of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules including cytokines, growth factors, markers for infectious diseases, diabetes and tumor, drugs and small molecules, etc.

ELISA kits are a quick, convenient, and accurate research tool for the detection and quantitation of targets of interest in cultures and samples. We offer multiple assay formats including traditional sandwich ELISA kits, competitive ELISA kits, as well as cell-based ELISA Kits for many targets. These ELISA kits include pre-coated plates with capture/detection antibodies, standards, buffers and accessory reagents. Each kit goes through fit-for-purpose validation and stability testing to ensure precision, accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility.