Ear and Nose and Throat Devices

Clearwater Clinical Limited

Clearwater Clinical Limited designs and manufactures innovative medical-grade devices and surgical equipment.

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Medit Inc.

Provide rigid and flexible borescopes, videoscopes, endoscopes, and dermascopes, as well as a full line of accessories.

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Oto Hearing Products Ltd

Established in 1958, Oto Hearing Products is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality hearing products located in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. Oto is a full service laboratory that sets high standards to provide quality service, craftsmanship, products and materials.  Oto’s policy guarantees mutual satisfaction to make every effort to share in the responsibility of making sure that fittings of products and quality are to customer satisfaction.

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Unitron Canada

Unitron has developed innovative hearing solutions inspired by real life. Our hearing instruments are built on the world’s most advanced platform and reflect the depth of our audiological and scientific expertise, we’re equally proud of our people: Unitron employees worldwide who collaborate with healthcare professionals to improve life for those with hearing loss.

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