Canadian Cardiovascular Society


The Canadian Cardiovascular Society is a member based organization that is the national voice for cardiovascular physicians and scientists.

The CCS mission is to promote cardiovascular health and care through:

  • knowledge translation, including dissemination of research and encouragement of best practices
  • professional development, and leadership in health policy

Focusing on Strategic PrioritiesLast summer, the exercise of defining CCS’ strategic direction for 2007-2010 took place with valuable input from CCS members. Now, with the new fiscal year underway and celebrating our 60th anniversary, we are focused on what needs to happen over the next three years in the key areas of Knowledge Translation, Health Policy/Advocacy and Member Services that will benefit cardiovascular health care professionals in their clinical and day-to day lives.

Knowledge TranslationCCS will strengthen its role as a leader in knowledge translation by aggregating and disseminating leading edge research and providing needs-based educational opportunities.

The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress is recognized as the largest cardiovascular event in Canada. This event provides the cardiovascular community with high calibre educational sessions and networking opportunities. CCS responds to delegate feedback by striving to make this annual event better and better each year. Over 3,500 delegates are expected to participate in this year’s Congress being held in Québec City from October 20-24. An impressive scientific program will be available for all.

The CCS is an accredited program provider for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Maintenance of Certification Program. One of our key services is to provide the cardiovascular community with CCS accredited educational programs that are needs-based, scientifically relevant and ethically sound.

The Heart Failure Consensus Conference Program continues to educate and provide valuable tools to cardiovascular professionals across Canada. With 6 scheduled workshops in 2007 held across Canada, recommendations will be disseminated to a broader audience. The goal of this dissemination program is to increase the uptake of the Heart Failure Consensus Conference recommendations by all members of the Canadian cardiovascular care team involved in heart failure management.

Health Policy/AdvocacyCCS will advocate for quality cardiovascular care by working to shape health care policy.

Now that the CCS Access to Care benchmarks have been published and adopted by some provinces, we continue our work to increase the awareness and adoption of the CCS benchmarks by more stakeholders. Recently, at the Taming of the Queue conference held in Ottawa, earlier this year, Dr. Chris Simpson, as CCS spokesperson, raised the visibility of the importance of the benchmarks in reducing wait times for cardiovascular patients. This message was delivered to conference delegates and the national media.

CCS will also continue to work, in partnership with the HSFC and CIHR-IRCH to develop a strategy and action plan to fight cardiovascular disease. The Canadian Heart Health Strategy and Action plan is an opportunity to build a road map for Canada across the health and care continuum; much of the work will be done over the coming two years.

Member ServicesCCS will strengthen its membership and enhance member satisfaction by developing programs specifically designed to recruit and retain cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiovascular researchers (and those in training for each of these fields) in Canada.

Focusing on trainees and their unique needs is a priority for the CCS. For many years, the CCS has offered, at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, an educational Trainee Day and Trainee Luncheon to connect trainees with mentors and colleagues. Recently, we launched the CCS Career Centre, an on-line interactive website providing Trainees with tools to build a resume, conduct job searches and connect health care institutions with prospective young medical professionals.

CCS is also embarking on the first year of a three year program to understand and address the needs of “community cardiologists”. The goal of this new initiative is to provide these cardiovascular specialists with programs and services that meet their unique professional needs.

The CCS will also expand its efforts to support Canadian cardiovascular sub-specialty organizations. The CCS works with these organizations in many ways, from the provision of administrative services to joint position statements. Our goal is to provide valued programs and services tailored to meet each of their unique requirements.

These are the main activities and opportunities facing CCS this year. Work has already begun. A strong staff team and active member involvement are the fundamental elements that will help us realize our success.