Cardiac Cath Lab Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) recently celebrated 25 years of Cardiac Catheterizations in Northwestern Ontario.   Current members of the TBRHSC Cardiac Catheterization team, along with members of the original team of 1988 were on hand to mark the occasion.

Since February 1988, approximately 27,000 patients have received cardiac catheterization services in Thunder Bay.

“Through the efforts of our respected TBRHSC cardiac professionals and the financial support of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, tremendous strides have been made in cardiac care,” said Dr. Mark Henderson, Executive Vice President, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, TBRHSC. “Our successful past will shape an equally remarkable future for cardiac care at TBRHSC.”

The quality of cardiac care in Northwestern Ontario has steadily improved over the last 25 years:

In October 2007, Northwestern Ontario‘s first angioplasties were performed at TBRHSC‘s cardiac catheterization lab; the introduction of which allowed patients to have the procedure done close to home, saving expenses and stress that would have been incurred in travelling to southern Ontario.

A second cardiac catheterization lab opened in August 2011. Before it opened, the lab provided angioplasty services to 250 patients per year. After it opened, that number expanded to over 600 per year.

The success of the local Cardiac Catheterization program led to the development of the first Visiting Cardiac Surgical Clinic Model in Ontario, which became a model for other hospitals.

In September 2012, a fourth angioplasty specialist joined the TBRHSC team of cardiologists. There are now a total of four interventional cardiologists and two that perform catheterizations.

In the past five years alone, TBRHSC has served cardiac patients in Northwestern Ontario by performing 9,600 cardiac catheterizations, 2,850 angioplasties, and 1,000 pacemaker implants.

This strong history paved the path for a bright future for TBRHSC.  Donors across the region, through the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, have contributed millions of dollars towards vital cardiac equipment, making these advances in cardiac care possible.

“Because of a vision for expansion, and a community that supported that vision through donations to the Northern Cardiac Fund, cardiac care in Northwestern Ontario looks a lot different than it did just a few short years ago,” said Vince Mirabelli of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation Board of Directors.