Enhancing lives: Transforming care

Happy new year Hospital News readers! 2016 will bring about much change for Bruyère as January signals the start of both a New Year and new leadership for Bruyère. For readers not familiar with Bruyère, we are located in Ottawa, ON, and pride ourselves in providing evidence-based care to the vulnerable and medically complex, with a focus on people who require integrated seniors health, sub-acute care and palliative care. As I begin my new role as President and CEO on January 9, 2016, I want to thank Bernie Blais for his leadership at Bruyère over the last 3 1/2 years as he retires from a 45-year career in healthcare. He has been a great mentor and collaborator.

After eight years as Bruyère’s Chief Financial Officer and one year as Chief Operating Officer, I have a great depth of understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented to Bruyère. We have established strong partnerships with other providers within our region to ensure effective transitions for people which is a key element to ensure the future success of the health system.

The mission and values set out 170 years ago as led by 27-year-old Sister Élisabeth Bruyère is part of our DNA. This commitment to respecting the rich traditions the organization was built on while investing in research and academics is why I am so proud and excited to be the new president of Bruyère.

Working with our colleagues in the region and provincially – we will support each other and enhance health care in our community. We recognize the urgency is great – with a rapidly aging population and with the prevalence of chronic conditions on the rise, we will need to be prepared to support those who may need our care and services in one way or another.

Bruyère is not satisfied by status quo. Instead we are passionate about improvement and ensuring that the next generation has a better health system and better health outcomes then currently being experienced. We are also interested in training the future leaders of tomorrow and providing exposure to all of the other areas in our health system. Our number one goal is to help people home.

Bruyère is rising to a higher standard of customer service, delivering a ‘human service.’ The patient experience begins and ends with people.  Our strong reputation in the community has allowed Bruyère to not only impact change within its facilities but has allowed it to help other organizations fill important health needs in our community – such as hospice care.

In this spirit, our leadership team is relentless in their pursuit of quality improvement initiatives and streamlining regional processes between our health care partners in the region and to build efficiencies for our community. Bruyère is committed to and transforming care.  Our vision compliments that of our partners and policy makers at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal – which ensures that we are always maximizing opportunities.

Together, we envision and are planning to bring the best minds, evidence and practice to our community ensuring that seniors and those with complex conditions remain healthy and independent. Our vision also sees a program of distinction in brain health. Care will be provided to patients and will be in an ideal situation to carry out the clinical research that will lead to better diagnosis, better care and ultimately prevention.

At Bruyère, planning for and responding to the needs of our aging and medically complex populations is central to our mission. Aging is not a challenge – it is a journey and we embrace it, learn from it and innovate to enhance how it is and will be experienced.  Building on the legacy by Bernie Blais, we will continue to be bold, courageous and revolutionary.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of this generous community, our partners and our dedicated team. Together we will continue to be a cornerstone in the regional health care community.