Finding Rehab easier with new website


Finding the right rehab program for patients is now just a click away thanks to a new website from the GTA Rehab Network. Rehab Finder provides easy access to the first comprehensive listing of all rehab programs provided by hospitals and CCACs in the GTA.

“One of the challenges in rehabilitation is ensuring patients are able to access the right rehab program for their needs,” says Charissa Levy, Executive Director of the GTA Rehab Network. “Until now, there was no one place to go to find out what programs are available for what patients.

“Another problem in the past has been that inclusion and exclusion criteria (the factors that determine whether a program matches a patient’s needs) have been expressed differently depending on the organization,” she adds. “As a result, it was hard for health professionals to be sure they were applying to the right programs for their patients. The application process can take a lot of time – so it’s important to find the right fit from the beginning.”

With Rehab Finder, listings are standardized and include all the information needed to make a referral, including downloadable referral/application forms. Health professionals can quickly search for programs by patient population, service setting, age, geographic region, organization and special needs.

The benefits of Rehab Finder also extend to patients and families. A special section of the tool provides them with general information about rehabilitation and easy-to-use maps to help them locate rehab programs across the GTA.

“We hope this new tool will save time for health professionals and help patients get the rehab they need,” says Ms Levy. “If we can do that, we’ll have been successful.”

Rehab Finder can be found at The GTA Rehab Network is made up of 42 publicly-funded hospital and community-based organizations from across the GTA that are involved in the planning and provision of rehabilitation services.