Harnessing technology in healthcare for high hygiene standards

While technology shows no signs of slowing down in the healthcare sector, it can be deployed for better hygiene outcomes in various settings, from hand hygiene to surface cleaning.

COVID-19 amplified hand hygiene needs and necessary hygiene protocols, especially for those on the front lines in hospitals. But while COVID-19 brought a renewed focus on hand hygiene, Tork®, the leading professional hygiene brand, has been a trusted partner to healthcare facilities for decades. For more than 50 years, Tork has continuously developed and refined its innovations to supply these facilities with the resources and solutions they need to uphold high hygiene standards. The ability to innovate and remain nimble will continue to prove critical during the pandemic. To meet these needs, technology will play a pivotal role in ensuring healthcare facilities are equipped and staff trained to remain efficient and effective in crucial areas, such as hygiene.

In 2019, Tork launched the Tork VR Clean Hands Training and Education – a fun and interactive app, specifically designed to make hand hygiene training engaging and inspiring through real-world scenarios and practices. Now in 2021, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Tork has expanded the training to meet a wider audience and their needs by making the training available on desktop devices via a web application, accessible via torkusa.com/cleanhands – Similar to the VR app, the desktop version allows users to use their computer or laptop to walk through real-life situations following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene.

Deploying Technology-Powered Training for Better Hygiene

With new strains of the novel coronavirus on the rise and ongoing efforts to mitigate healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in healthcare sites, training and education are critical to combatting the spread of disease and viruses within healthcare settings and beyond. With trainings such as the Tork Clean Hands Simulation Training, employees and staff can stay up to speed on best practices and guidelines to maintain proper hand hygiene. However, to ensure a hygienic environment surface cleaning and disinfection is also crucial. To support in this effort, Tork also recently released the Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training, another free online interactive tool designed specifically for EVS Staff to understand the proper cleaning of healthcare facilities. It also uniquely features a Train the Trainer guide to help ensure that all staff are properly educated on hygienic cleaning protocols and managers are supported in the execution of their train program. In tandem, these two trainings provide hospitals with hygiene guidelines in two critical areas – hand hygiene and surface cleaning –and can be completed remotely thanks to the digital format.

It’s no secret that technology is being increasingly implemented across sectors, including that of healthcare, to streamline processes and make operations more efficient – while also empowering employees. Technology-enabled trainings do just that. With the new Tork desktop trainings, employees have the ability to complete trainings when it’s most convenient for them and they can easily revert back to the training to answer any questions – as the full library of information and education is available at their fingertips from any desktop device.

Empowering Healthcare Facilities with Data and Technology for Improved Hygiene Outcomes

The use of technology in healthcare will continue full-speed on the road ahead, and healthcare facilities should explore new avenues to improve their hygiene outcomes – made possible by technology-enabled solutions. Digital trainings are a start, but hygiene doesn’t stop there. Tork also offers the  Tork EasyCube® System, a broad assortment of connected dispensers and people counters that uses real-time data to help hospital staff work smarter and target urgent needs to boost hygiene and quality – all while reducing waste, maximizing efficiency, and creating safer environments. In addition, the easy-to-use software that accompanies the Tork EasyCube System helps with reporting, analytics, and KPI tracking, and it helps EVS managers delegate tasks and ensure protocols are being upheld through checklists and status reporting.

Ensuring Hygiene Needs are Met for the Long Haul

COVID-19 reinforced the need for consistent and effective hygiene measures over the past year, but hygiene has, and always will, be important, especially in healthcare facilities. As technology continues developing to better meet the holistic hygiene needs of facilities, it’s important for hospitals and healthcare systems to know what’s available to further hygiene within their space. Every facility is different, so explore the full suite of tailored Tork solutions on the Tork site. To download the Tork Clean Hands training, visit here.

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