Heart in Hand boutique helps women recovering from cancer

Shelley Gable and I opened in the fall of 2012 when we both saw a need for a one stop boutique for ladies with cancer. As a cancer survivor I know the hardship of shopping for products – bras camisoles, hats, wigs. Where do you shop for these special things? How much are they? Those are the questions that went through my mind.

At Heart in Hand Boutique we wanted to take the worry out of finding a pretty bra or a fashionable wig so we put everything under one roof. Women who are being diagnosed with are younger and they don’t want to wear something that isn’t pretty, or that isn’t attractive. Times have changed and mastectomy wear is no longer ugly.

At Heart in Hand Boutique you will find pretty post- op camisoles which ladies need before surgery. These camisoles are designed with drain pouches and they come in different colors. After your surgery you will want to return to the boutique to be fitted for your prosthetics also known as breast forms.  These breast forms come in many different shapes and sizes. We also carry a large selection of bras and bathing suits in different sizes and styles. Aqua swim is a great form of exercise after surgery. We also carry the swim form for you bathing suit. Our expert has over 15 years of fitting prosthetics experience so she will ensure the fit is perfect.

Losing your hair can also be part of your treatment for cancer. At Heart in Hand Boutique we have many styles and colors of wigs. Long, short blonde or brunette and if you don’t see it, we can get it. If you can make it in before you lose your own hair we will even try to match a wig that looks like your own. We also carry a line of hats and scarves.

At the boutique we measure and fit for Lymphedema and compression garments. Lymphedema can be primary and secondary diagnoses.  Secondary is the most common as it can be the result of a surgery, radiotherapy or injury. Lymphedema can be very painful and sometimes fatal. Primary is less common but still very painful. Compression garments and stockings come in different pressures, along with many different styles and colors. Compression can be worn for spider veins, varicose veins, leg or arm injury or after surgery.

We are a certified ADP () location so we work very closely with the government to help with payment for your Lymphedema garments.

Through privacy, empathy and respect our and ADP Certified Lymphedema Expert will ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Please check out our web site at www.heartinhandboutique.com or we can be reached at 905-877-4327