Hospital goes green with new computer technology upgrades

What happens when a hospital invests a little and updates computer technology? Cost savings, improved efficiency, better customer service and a greener hospital.“By improving our computer technology, we’re saving money and using less energy. It’s a win for the hospital and the environment,” says Andrew Kelly, Manager of Technical Services at The Scarborough Hospital.

Andrew and his team recently participated in an incentive program offered by Toronto Hydro that has resulted in significant cost savings, reduced electricity demand and lower air conditioning costs.

While the IS team was looking at replacing server equipment, they learned about Toronto Hydro’s greening initiative program, which provides incentives for updated equipment that is more environmentally friendly, provides greater scalability, better management, lower cost of ownership and includes a one-time rebate. The program made sense for the hospital.

As a result, The Scarborough Hospital was able to eliminate many of its physical servers, moving the content to virtual servers. That means 108 physical servers have been reduced to 54 physical servers and 62 virtual servers.

“Fewer physical servers require a lower amount of electricity and reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to cool the machines,” says Andrew.

The hospital now also has a larger server capacity.” This project will pay for itself in five years and continue to deliver savings,” says Andrew.  “This is better technology. It is more environmentally friendly, allows us to provide better service and it saves money.”

Toronto Hydro estimates TSH’s electricity savings will be almost $50,000 annually. Also, with increased capacity on the new system, the hospital will avoid purchasing 33 new servers that would be required for new applications.

Situated in the most diverse community in Canada, The Scarborough Hospital delivers innovative, high-quality patient care at two hospital campuses and six satellite sites. The Scarborough Hospital is a regional centre for dialysis and is renowned for its sexual assault care centre and mental health programs. Affiliated with the University of Toronto, TSH is also a referral centre for vascular surgery, pacemakers and corneal implants.