Hospital News is looking for Nursing Heroes

It’s that time of year again. Time to honour the hardwork and dedication of Canadian nurses.

Hospital News is currently soliciting nominations for our 7th annual competition. Patients, colleagues, managers – anyone who has been affected or touched by a nurse who has gone above and beyond are being asked to send us a story about their nursing hero.

What makes a nursing hero? In my opinion, all nurses are heroes, but some go above and beyond, selflessly and tirelessly dedicating themselves to improving healthcare for all Canadians. We want to recognize them and say thank you.

Do you have a colleague or mentor who has changed the way you provide care? Someone who has inspired you to do better, or shown you the kind of health care provider you want to be?

Or maybe you are a patient’s loved one, or a patient yourself. Is there a nurse that had a profound impact on your care and recovery? Someone who went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you (or your loved one) received the best possible care?

If you are a manager or executive, or another staff member in the hospital – perhaps you know of someone who has advocated for a cause that has enhanced patient care or health promotion? Someone who has shown they are a leader, who staff look up to and emulate?

At the risk of being repetitive – nurses are the back bone of our health care system. Without them, our system just wouldn’t work. They are on the front lines, everyday, often putting their own health at risk to care for the sick and injured. And they deserve our kudos.

This year, Hospital News is doing things a little differently. We have offered prizes to our three winners in the past – tvs, spa gift certificates. Thanks to our new sponsor, ARAMARK Canada, this year we are offering cash prizes. The first place winner will receive $1000, with $500 for second place and $300 for third.

The winners will also have their stories featured in the Special Nursing Week Supplement in our May issue. Even if your nursing hero isn’t selected as a winner – their nomination will be recognized as we list all nominees in the supplement as well.

The Nursing Week issue is one of my favourite issues – every year I sit and read the nominations and often laugh out loud  or have tears in my eyes – touched by the compassion and commitment demonstrated by so many of our nurses.

Nominations should include the name of the nurse, the facility he/she worked at, and examples of how this nurse has gone above and beyond their call of duty. You can email nominations to or mail to my attention.

I look forward to hearing about your nursing hero.