Hospital News only gets better with age


Like a fine wine, Hospital News is getting better with age.

As we commemorate 25 years of being Canada’s Health Care Newspaper, we are celebrating (with you our loyal readers) with the launch of a brand-new, completely redesigned website.

If we were to compare it to a kitchen renovation, let’s say it wouldn’t be a simple repainting with a new countertop. More like a complete gutting and redesign: new floors, cupboards and appliances. The end result: A site that is easier to navigate, user-friendly and offering much more content.

Over the last 25 years Hospital News has been dedicated to providing readers with information on the latest in health care trends as well as providing advertisers with a direct connection to you, the health care professional, your patients and their families.

Why celebrate with a complete redesign of our website? So that we can provide our readers with even more information, more often.

“We felt it was time for Canada’s Health Care Newspaper to take a significant leap forward given how people interact with media and information today as well as the advances in technology. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, we’ve built the new to be interactive, user-friendly and give users the ability to find exactly what they’re looking for, when they want it,” says Alexandra McKay, Senior Marketing Manager, Wall2WallMedia who managed the redesign of the site.

She adds: “The new platform allows our Editorial team to publish articles on the website even after our print edition closes – so there’s always new information online and always reasons to visit often. Given that the Web is infinite, our weekly updates will include extra photos, special supplements, the latest job and career postings and more. We’ve also uploaded more than 10 years’ worth of archived materials–fully searchable by topic and/or keywords. We’re very excited about the launch of the new and consider it a great complement to a strong print publication that’s served the Canadian health care industry for 25 years.”

Kristie Jones, Editor (print and online) looks forward to being able to share more information with readers. “The new site allows me to update as often as I need to.  So news about best practices and health care developments will be available to our readers as it becomes available, and we are able to share more articles as well. As a news junkie myself, I know our readers will be happy with the frequent updates.”

Readers should visit the site regularly to keep up to date on trends, best practices and career opportunities in Canadian healthcare.

With our new look, features and user experience we are excited to continue to be your source of health care news for the next 25 years.