Joule launches content hub to help future-proof physicians and medical learners

Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company, is pleased to announce the launch of Boldly, a physician-focused content hub that delivers information and thought leadership on the advances in medicine, health care delivery and medical practice, for physicians and medical learners.

The goal with Boldly is to assist physicians in: preparing for future advancements, adopting changes and new technologies and driving adoption amongst healthcare organizations and teams. Content is curated from leading international publications and features strategic partners with first-hand experience in health care innovation. Boldly also showcases Joule podcasts which feature leading innovators and thought-leaders in the industry.

“This hub is an all-in-one and all-you-need-to-know about health care innovation. Our goal is to present impactful content that physicians need today and will need tomorrow,” says Lindee David, CEO of Joule.

Physicians are encouraged to submit their suggestions for content and engage regularly on the Boldly hub by visiting regularly.