London hospital first in Canada to use breakthrough medical imaging technology on patients


It’s a whole new way of seeing inside a patient and London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is the first hospital in Canada, and only one of three in the world, to use revolutionary medical imaging technology to help diagnose and treat patients. LHSC, together with GE Medical Systems, announced recently that the GE Innova¨ 4100 imaging system has made its Canadian clinical debut at the hospital’s University Campus.

The GE Innova 4100 uses new fully digital technology to produce extremely detailed fluoroscopic or X-ray images, providing the best view yet for diagnostic and interventional procedures. Physicians now have the benefit of a real-time image that has less distortion, greater contrast and detail, and a much larger field of view of a patient’s anatomy as they guide catheters and other medical devices to areas of the body needing treatment.

“The GE Innova 4100 is a huge advancement in the images we have from inside a patient, which is crucial for the exacting precision required for diagnostic and interventional procedures,” says Dr. David Peck, Director of Angiography and Interventional Radiology at LHSC’s University Campus. “The system gives us the ability to see so much more of the anatomy and with superior clarity. The benefit for the patient is even greater safety and less radiation dose.” Dr. Peck is also an assistant professor in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the University of Western Ontario.

“LHSC’s multi-million dollar investment in this new technology is vital to advance patient care,” says Tony Dagnone, LHSC President and CEO. “The Board of Directors recognized that this innovative technology is a priority for patients, and their endorsement of this significant investment will be of great benefit to the people of London and beyond.”

“We are very excited about installing the first Innova 4100 in Canada at London Health Sciences Centre, and by the significant impact that this technology can have on patients in this community,” says Dow Wilson, General Manager of Global X-ray and Surgical Imaging for GE Medical Systems. “Based on the positive feedback we have received from physicians around the world, we expect the Innova 4100 will be used in more than 100 leading medical institutions by the end of 2003.”

The GE Innova 4100 system will be used for diagnostic and interventional procedures in virtually every part of the body.

Some examples of diagnostic and interventional procedures include angiograms, which involve injecting contrast into vessels to view anatomy, and angioplasty and the placement of stents to correct narrowing in blood vessels. Other examples are placement of tubes for dialysis and to drain blocked kidneys, placement of tubes to drain bile ducts to help in the treatment of liver disease, and the insertion of feeding tubes into the stomach.

The GE Innova 4100 will support the diagnosis and treatment of approximately 2,000 patients from Southwestern Ontario and across Canada this year.