Meet Amanda Singh, Mount Sinai Hospital – Honourable Mention

Amanda Singh
Mount Sinai Hospital
Honourable Mention

ICU Nurse. Operational Readiness Program Champion. NURSE HERO.

When a request to self-identify critical care nursing skills was sent to staff to help an intensive care unit under pressure, an exceptional nurse working in the Operational Readiness department more than answered the call. She volunteered to return to the front lines of the ICU.

Her first day back saw her in the throes of the department, attending to a COVID-positive patient.

It takes a tremendous toll to work in an ICU during the best of times. That she volunteered to do this during a pandemic, while continuing with operational planning responsibilities, is incredibly challenging. Yet Amanda saw this as an opportunity to help those with the greatest need, and as a way to support her colleagues and community in the most direct way possible. To her, it was simply the right thing to do.

Now, she continues to perform “double-duty” ─ balancing the needs of the ICU, Operational Readiness and her young family ─ and plans to do so until the end of June.

Amanda, true to her vocation, exemplifies selflessness, compassion and caring. Daily, we are inspired by her generosity and leadership, and her dedication to her patients and profession. On behalf of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Renew Sinai redevelopment team, and with tremendous pride, we are delighted to nominate Amanda Singh for the Nursing Hero Award. – Tanya McDonald Director, Operational Readiness & Transition Planning, Renew Sinai
Mount Sinai Hospital

Additional Endorsements:

All of the work Amanda does is definitely with her heart. She is always thinking about how others will feel, what would benefit them and how a change may effect someone. You can see this in everything she does. Amanda always takes a step back and thinks about people ─ the patient, her colleagues and staff. Many forget how important this is, and the impact that it has. When planning for the new ICU, with every detail, change and move, you will hear her ask, “how will this affect the patient?” and “does this make sense for staff and patient safety?” Amanda is someone who cares very deeply about the people around her and no matter how busy she may be she will always make that clear. If I see her in the hallway she will ask if I need help, always without fail and makes sure I know that she is there if I ever needed anything. With her busy schedule she decided to help her ICU team and patients during this pandemic because she cares and because everything she does is 100% with her heart. I am honoured to work with such an amazing person and I definitely learn from her daily. Her strength and support through this time is unmatched and truly beautiful. Renée Matrundola, Training & Orientation Lead – Operational Readiness, Renew Sinai

Amanda Singh is an outstanding nurse. Her leadership impact is visible in Critical Care surge planning. She led the work to re-purpose the 16th floor of Mount Sinai Hospital as an ICU surge space. Amanda has supported initiatives beyond Renew Sinai as she’s been working clinically in the ICU as a staff nurse as well as supporting Renew Sinai ICU redevelopment. Carolyn Farquharson, Senior Clinical Program Director (interim) Urgent & Critical Care Director of Patient Flow & Admitting

Amanda’s dedication, care, and passions shows through in the work she does. While assisting with future planning of new equipment for the ICU, she was also simultaneously working on the front line during the COVID pandemic helping patients who need care the most. We are so fortunate to have her time and knowledge as our resource on this project and look forward to making the new ICU space an ideal place for patient recovery. Victoria Young, Manager, Equipment & Furniture, Renew Sinai

A true collaborator with endless energy and dedication. Amanda is lovely to work with. She is so devoted to what she does and was instrumental not only in supporting the ICU redevelopment project but in taking on huge responsibility to help prepare additional ICU space to address COVID needs. Alice Geertsen, Project Manager, Operational Readiness, Renew Sinai

Amanda has amazing dedication to healthcare and is willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done and improve patient outcomes. She has been a tremendous lead for setting up surge ICU spaces to service COVID patient needs. She is wonderful to work with, very collaborative and responsive. Suzanne Wyman, Project Manager – Transition Planning and Move Coordination, RPO/Operational Readiness, Renew Sinai

I have worked with Amanda side by side since she joined the ICU nine years ago. We have both served in the Unit Council in which Amanda was Wonderful Secretary. Amanda has been instrumental in initiatives such as the Social Committee where she organized outings for ICU inter-professionals to promote work and life balance and collaboration. She is very professional and a strong advocate for patients and her colleagues. She is always present and makes herself available for help and support in addition of her planning for ICU surge areas. I remember during the first and second wave of COVID-19 Amanda was always around offering support by assisting during a code when we needed more hands or with words of encouragement during the difficult moments post code blue. Amanda is a kind and compassionate person. Catherine Eta-Ndu, Peri-operative Educator, Operational Readiness, Renew Sinai