Meet Nursing Hero Farhang Golmoradi, Saint Elizabeth Health Care

I am 35 years old and have been suffering from Endometriosis for many years. Having had eight surgeries and organ damage, the disease continues to wreak havoc and cause intolerable pain.

This last year I have been receiving St. Elizabeth / LHIN homecare and Farhang is my Primary nurse.  He has gone way above and beyond the call of duty.  My GP has been prescribing pain medication to keep my pain level manageable (basically just enough relief to keep me out of the hospital yet not enough for me to function with any sense of normalcy). Farhang comes twice a week at minimum to dispense my medication and check my sub-cutaneous port placement to ensure there is no infection or other problems. At the beginning of homecare I was being provided supplies for my sub-cutaneous port that had the port sliding out of my arm a few times a week.  Farhang found a secondary option called Cleo and from then on we haven’t have any problems with it sliding out or getting clogged, not once.

Anytime there has been a hiccup in my supply problems he has found a way to ensure better care and service which helps provide me with a bit more normalcy and less Medical PTSD.

After seeing me become dehydrated and have my nausea spiral out of control when the pain is not managed well, Farhang has sought my GP to speak with her directly on multiple occasions to find solutions such as at home hydration and nausea medication through IV. Now I have a team that can work together to provide me with life saving relief.

Farhang has watched and witnessed everything I have been going through and how hard I have to work at living in pain and he continually fights for my care and acts as my advocate, even without my asking him to be .

He has done his very best to reach out to anyone who could help aid in making me more comfortable. He knows that I have hopes and dreams that are currently on hold and he has done everything he can to help me have some normal life back.

In my entire experience I have NEVER come across a Nurse like Farhang. He constantly surprises me with his never give up attitude, reminding me so much of my former self. He is kind and compassionate and does all aspects of his job with love. I have had nice nurses and nurses that go above and beyond but I have never had a Nurse advocate for me, EVER.  If all nurses could be trained by someone I would recommend him. If all patients could pick their nurse, I would tell them to pick him. If I could give him a medal for his kind compassionate work, I would!  He deserves a cape and a crown!

I am honoured that he is my nurse and has worked so tirelessly to help me. Thank you Farhang.


Nominated by Jennifer, a grateful patient