Meet Nursing Hero Lori Brown, Trillium Health Partners

In 2009, Lori had a vision; a residents condition in a Long Term Care Home (LTCH) had changed – the resident had a fever and decreased oral intake, another resident required a feeding tube to be changed, while a third resident had a fall and required assessment and suturing. In the past, many of these types of episodic illnesses resulted in a transfer to the Emergency Department. Lori recognized that a transfer to hospital can cause more emotional and physical distress, especially for seniors.

Lori wanted to enhance their quality of life by reducing unnecessary hospital transfers while working collaboratively with physicians in LTC and staff to assess the residents’ urgent needs when there is an illness or injury, determine whether the resident can safely be cared for in their home and provide interventions such as diagnostic tests, medication, oxygen, and hydration to avoid unnecessary transfers.

Lori is a nurse practitioner specializing in the care of seniors. She had a vision over 10 years ago, joined a pilot project with a team of 6 NPs. Because of her vision and dedication, our team has grown to 16 NPs providing acute and episodic care for residents in all 28 LTCHs in the MH LHIN. Furthermore, with Lori’s vision and passion, our team also provides repatriation expertise in collaboration with hospital discharge teams, Home and Community Care, and LTCHs to develop a plan for discharge that decreases unnecessary length of stays in hospital and enhances the circle of care. NPSTAT conducts repatriation visits within 24-48 hours to ensure continuity of care and close monitoring while liaising with key stakeholders and community partners to enhance the continuum of care.

On a continuous basis and day to day, we call Lori Brown, “L” – our HERO and our QUEEN. She is a true leader- well spoken, organized, professional, loved and respected by colleagues, peers and teams. L promotes collaboration amongst teams, NPs, physicians, LTCHs and hospitals. She truly models success in partnerships. She has brought all 28 LTCHs together by initiating a quarterly meeting where administrative teams from LTCHs, stakeholders and service providers have an opportunity to meet and to review what is new, what is working well, and to discuss opportunities for growth and improvement. She connects on a regular basis with administrators in LTCHs and addresses their concerns, questions and connects them with appropriate stakeholders. L has built and nurtured teamwork. She is intuitive and sensitive to people’s needs, she is open- minded, non-judgmental, and compassionate.

L brings her NPSTAT team together regularly, she promotes team building and provides opportunities to discuss challenges to continuously improve.  She works to strengthen and motivate our team through engagement. She has supported and mentored each of us on this team and has instilled trust amongst the team by connecting everyone together. She encourages us to engage in lifelong learning by supporting our educational needs. L is a mentor, she has an inspirational and positive outlook on life, she is the most supportive individual- always readily available and ready to assist, to help, and to diffuse any situation. She has the courage to make difficult but very important decisions. She is easy-going, light-hearted and always ready to make you laugh. She truly has each individual’s best interests in mind.

L is innovative, dedicated, and determined. When she sets her mind and heart to something, she fulfills what she has envisioned. L makes things happened. L is always thinking forward how to improve the team, the program, and how to provide the best patient care. She is a true advocate for her team and for those who need support. She has truly transformed health care for seniors in the MH LHIN.

L enables everyone around her to become confident personally and professionally. She brings out the best in each individual. She is irreplaceable as a manager to her team. L has built and nurtured teamwork

L is a true role model, our Queen and, an inspiring hero.

On behalf of the NPSTAT team,

Emilia Simkic & Team