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    Meet Nursing Hero Nermin Ibrahim, Trillium Health Partners

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    We would like to express our sincere thanks for all the care and attention Nermin has given our daughter. Nermin is truly an exemplary RN. My daughter (Jess) who was 18 years old was misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Nermin has sought out to the family doctor to do some testing and helped my daughter get the proper diagnosis of type 1. She is an excellent critical thinker.  She has the ability to multitask and at the same time pay attention to details. She is confident in her skills, yet is not afraid to ask questions. 

    Jess was in an emotional crisis when she was told she got diabetes. Nermin was of a great support and asset to us. She used to listen and talk with her for hours. With her support and guidance she accepted her diagnosis. Going from a depressed 18 year old who wished to quit university and put her life on hold to an outgoing and a straight “A” student was a turn over to us. We owe it to Nermin that Jess got her life back. Nermin understood how stressful it can be for parents in such a difficult situation. However, her calm and helpful manner put us at ease knowing that our daughter is in a safe and caring hands.

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    We want to tell her “Thank you” for always putting her patients first no matter how grueling her day was. We thank her for providing an empathetic ear and compassionate hand when a life-changing diagnosis is delivered. We thank Nermin for being a rock when waters got rough and we were fighting for our little one. To say that she showed such grace and patience is an understatement. She would even get us to laugh through our toughest time as her smile is contagious. When we are in the office, Nermin always made us feel that she had all the time in the world to focus solely on Jess.


    Without a doubt, God has surely shared His empathy and miracle works through angels like her. Nermin is so incredibly selfless, heartwarming caretaker who wanted no extra thanks or praise. We got to know her now for almost a year but she has left an impact on us for eternity.


    I guess it’s never too late to say “thank you,” but those words seem so inadequate. We wish there is a way of repaying her as she is a true nightingale. Nermin gave us strength when our hearts were so strained. She nourished us with gifts of love and compassion. She listened to our cares and concerns. She touched our shoulder, gave a knowing smile, a nod of understanding. Our hearts were uplifted because of her. 

    Today we are writing this nomination to tell you that Nermin is an outstanding nurse that makes such a big difference in her patients and their families lives and deserves to win this prestigious award as a token of appreciation of the extraordinary care she provides. Nermin truly understands the value of family centered practice and makes it a priority. I bet her leadership, knowledge, family centered approach and innovations have shaped and impacted numerous nurses, patients, families and other nurses.  


    Nominated by Maggie 

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