Mount Sinai delivers online infection control training for hospitals


Accessing Infection Control training for hospital staff will soon be as easy as clicking on to the Internet, thanks to a partnership between Mount Sinai Hospital and risk management software developer Oxegen Inc. Together, they are developing and marketing a full suite of electronic Infection Control training and testing modules administered through the Web.

Delivering up-to-date, ongoing Infection Control training for hospital staff with different schedules and hours of work is a major challenge facing Mount Sinai and other health-care facilities.

With Mount Sinai’s Infection Control e-Training and Tracking solution, powered by Oxegen’s Health Care Compliance System (OxegenHC), health-care facilities will now be able to provide staff with self-paced training at their workstations or from the comfort of their homes.

‘Now, more than ever, Infection Control is key to ensuring the health and safety of patients and staff. The SARS outbreak demonstrates that Infection Control education is associated with a significant decrease in the risk of infection in health-care workers,’ says Dr. Allison McGeer, Microbiologist and Director of Infection Control at Mount Sinai Hospital. ‘We all need to be sure health-care workers have the information they need to protect patients and themselves.

‘Through our association with Oxegen, we will be able to provide ongoing training to all of our staff in a manner allowing them to train at their own pace and at a convenient time. Recognizing the value of these training materials, we are delighted to make them available to other facilities and to assist in the managing of staff knowledge and Infection Control training.’

Oxegen looked to Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Microbiology, a world leader in Infection Control, to develop its Infection Control training content and to maintain its continued compliance to changing guidelines and industry best practices.

‘Oxegen is excited to partner with Mount Sinai,’ says Ryan Vincent, CEO of Oxegen. ‘With Oxegen’s innovative technology and Mount Sinai’s trusted expertise, our training solution will enhance a facility’s existing Infection Control Program and will ensure an unparalleled level of safety governance for health-care workers and patients alike.’

Mount Sinai’s training solution will help organizations ensure they are complying with Ontario’s Ministry of Labour requirements to train all health workers on Infection Control by using the system’s automated tracking mechanism. It provides the organization with a detailed management report outlining the progress of training across the whole organization.

It is always a challenge to achieve the highest standards in Infection Control training in a fast-paced health-care environment. ‘That’s why this new training system makes sense. Mount Sinai’s Infection Control expertise is acknowledged throughout the world and Oxegen’s training platform, OxegenHC, is ideally suited to the fast-pace of working in health care,’ says Chantal Vaillancourt, VP, Business Development at Oxegen Inc.

OxegenHC is an e-Training, Tracking and Compliance Program designed specifically for health-care workers. It is a web-based Compliance Management System developed to assist with risk management and knowledge transfer within a health-care facility. Features include the ability to track training progress and module completion across the organization, a document management system with publishing control, and highly detailed management reporting.

The first training module Routine Practices is now available from Oxegen. It reviews Routine Practices, Additional Precautions Overview, Chain of Infection, Hand Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Future training modules include: Additional Precautions with Droplet, Airborne and Contact Precautions, Antibiotic Resistant Organisms, SARS Protection and many others.

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Oxegen is a leading Canadian Risk Management software company, specializing in the design, development and delivery of web-based Occupational Health & Safety Compliance and Environmental Management Systems. The OxegenHC is designed to assist Health Care facilities in responding to legislated OH&S and Infection Control training guidelines and regulation.

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