Mount Sinai’s Rehab and Wellbeing Centre offers specialized care in one location

Glenn Copeland, podiatrist, examines Shuki Borger’s foot at The Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at Mount Sinai.

The pain in the sole of Shuki Borger’s right foot was so severe, she struggled to walk. That was until she was referred to Glenn Copeland, a podiatrist at The Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at Mount Sinai, who treated her severe plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury resulting in inflammation of the sole of the foot. “For almost six years I had been through various treatments for the pain and was facing possible surgery,” recalls Borger. “I wanted to return to a better quality of life without going through surgery, which is why my physician at Mount Sinai referred me to  Copeland.” Through an assessment of Borger’s condition,  Copeland treated her with an innovative combination of extracorporeal shockwave therapy and class 4 laser therapy every two days for eight weeks, based on protocols he and his colleagues at the Centre had developed. The treatments worked together applying high-intensity acoustic radiation and high-power lasers to Burger’s foot, which decreased the inflammation of the foot, reducing her pain significantly. “After the third treatment, I noticed major physical improvements,” says Borger. “For the first time since I had my condition, I was able to put on my shoes and walk without pain.”  Copeland attributes the success of treating Borger as well as other patients to the collaboration between colleagues from the wide range of specialties at the Centre. In addition to podiatry, the Centre includes experts in chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, physiotherapy, medical acupuncture and yoga. The overall focus of the Centre is helping patients rehabilitate from injuries, and acute or chronic pain. “We’re one of the only hospitals in Ontario to have all these specialties in one location,” says Copeland. “Because of the unique structure of the Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at Mount Sinai, practitioners work together to give patients the most comprehensive and individualized approaches in the allied health fields.” Since opening its doors in May 2008, the Centre has provided expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to hundreds of patients referred by other areas of the Hospital or from the community. “The Rehab and Wellbeing Centre at Mount Sinai offers a unique collection of services few hospitals have on site,” says Neil Closner, Vice President of Business Development. “The specialties at our Centre were determined by the demand and need in our Hospital and the broader community. An additional benefit is the revenues from the Centre return to the Hospital to assist with funding new capital equipment and to improve overall patient care.” The Centre and the Hospital provide complementary care. The Centre provides care that enhances the treatment patients receive at Mount Sinai’s Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health, Wasser Pain Management Centre, Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre and Mother and Baby Unit. For example, after a new mother has gone through labour, the Mother and Baby Unit may refer her to the Rehab and Wellbeing Centre for massage therapy to help relieve tension caused during pregnancy and labour. In addition, the expertise of other Mount Sinai clinical areas is an asset to patients at the Rehab and Wellbeing Centre. For example, if a patient is referred to the Centre to receive alternative treatment to invasive surgery and that rehabilitation is not successful, the Hospital’s Orthopedic Department can support the Centre to ensure continuity of care for the patient. “When a patient is referred to a particular practitioner at the Centre, he or she is receiving the expertise of the whole team,” says  Copeland. “Our goal is to rehabilitate each patient using the resources of the Centre’s team and a leading health-care centre.”