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Movember helping break the silence in men’s mental health

MovemberMovember, the global charity that raises funds and awareness for men’s health, has been changing the face of men’s health through the power of the moustache in Canada since 2007. Last year 247,441 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over $42.6 M and started 2.72 billion conversations globally about men’s health.

Movember has been supporting men’s mental health since 2003 and in Canada since 2012. In Canada, one in five men will experience a mental illness this year. When you compare the life expectancy of men and women, there is a four-year mortality gap and mental health is a critical issue contributing to this. By addressing men’s mental health Movember aims to help close that gap. Thanks to the success of the 2012 campaign, Movember announced $13 M in funding for men’s mental health initiatives this past year.

In 2012 the Movember Foundation established the Canadian Men’s Health Network (CMHN) as a strategy to address the challenges in men’s health in Canada. The CMHN brings together some of the top scientific and medical professionals from across the country to collaborate on identifying and addressing men’s health issues, and men’s mental health was the first priority issue addressed by the Network. Collaboration and knowledge sharing across medical professionals is likely to make a more significant impact on men’s health than through groups and individuals working in isolation.

“Thanks to the power of moustaches we are helping Canadians become more aware and proactive about not only their physical health but mental health and the challenges faced by those men living with and beyond mental health issues” says Pete Bombaci, Country Director, Movember Canada. “At Movember we are about creating conversations to help change the face of men’s health, and our first men’s mental health funding is undoubtedly a great step forward to bringing attention to an area that deserves great attention.”

The Canadian Men’s Health Network (CMHN) convened for the first time in 2012 and announced two Request for Applications (RFA), both aimed to improve the lives of those men living with and beyond mental illness. Recipients of the first RFA were awarded in October 2013, representing Movember’s first announcement of funding for men’s mental health and one of the largest non-governmental investments in the field to date. A total of seven projects throughout Canada have been awarded.

These collaborative, inter-organizational and pan-Canadian programs will work to achieve significant results in the priority areas of de-stigmatization, prevention, and awareness across a full spectrum of demographics of Canadian men and the diverse mental health challenges they face. By investing in the most promising programs regardless of organizational boundaries, the CMHN and Movember lend support to new fathers, teenage boys, First Nation boys and men, Asian communities, older men facing retirement, and young men in the university setting. Each program aims at improving the state of men’s mental health. The seven funded programs include:

• McGill University – HealthyDads.ca: Development and Pilot Evaluation of a Multimodal E-Health Intervention to Promote the Mental Health of Men at Risk for Depression

• Ryerson University – Reducing stigma of mental illness among boys and men in Asian communities in Canada: An innovative intervention study

• Kids Help Phone – mTalk: a Male Mental Health Counseling and Information Program for Teens

 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Acting locally to have a national impact: A participatory action approach to addressing First Nation boys’ and men’s mental health

• Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University – Enhancing Psychological Resiliency in Older Men Facing Retirement: Testing a Meaning-Centered Group Intervention

• Queen’s University – The Caring Campus: An Intervention Project

• University of British Columbia – Masculinities and men’s depression and suicide Network

To learn more about Movember, to get involved or to donate visit www.movember.com


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