Moving day

As anyone who has ever moved their family into a new house knows, it’s a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to every last detail. So, consider what it would be like if your ‘family’ consisted of several hundred people – including babies, frail seniors, and acutely ill adults and children – and you’ll have some idea of the task that William Osler Health Centre faced on October 28, 2007.

On that chilly Sunday morning, Osler transferred all clinical services and over 230 patients from its Peel Memorial Hospital site in downtown Brampton to the new Brampton Civic Hospital in the northeast part of the city.

The move began in the pre-dawn hours with the arrival of a convoy of ambulances, patient transfer vehicles, and police cars. Under the watchful eye of clinical teams, a hospital relocation company – working hand in hand with hospital personnel, paramedics, security officers and others – transported patients one by one through the corridors of Peel Memorial onto the medical vehicle. Each patient was escorted by an Osler staff member and at the other end people were waiting to receive the patients and take them to their new units. A special team from the Hospital for Sick Children provided additional support in moving Osler’s smallest patients, newborn babies from the neonatal intensive care unit. The transfer was accomplished with the precision of a military operation and by about 1:30 pm – ahead of schedule – all patients were safely relocated to Brampton Civic.

Robert A. Richards, President and CEO of Osler, credited the efficiency of the move to the joint efforts of internal personnel and external agencies and said; “In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all patients, this process required a massive amount of planning and preparation on the part of so many people. It’s thanks to the expertise and collaboration of all our staff and partners that things went so smoothly.”