New online medical record portal for patients: myHealthRecord

By Magdalena Stec

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) proudly launched  myHealthRecord – a new online medical record portal for patients – during Digital Health Week last November. myHealthRecord allows patients to view and update their personal health information and medical record based on the clinical and personal information captured at WCH.

WCH patients who register for myHealthRecord have convenient, online access to their health information securely stored in the hospital’s electronic patient record, including test results, medical history and personal health summaries. Patients can also manage their appointments, complete some pre-appointment questionnaires and securely communicate with members of their care team – all online, at their convenience.

“The portal is receiving positive feedback from our patients and providers alike,” says Brendan Kwolek, director, MI/IT, WCH. “We’re thrilled with the results so far: we already have nearly 6,000 users, and that number is growing every day.”

MyHealthRecord is completely private and secure, and uses the same encryption technologies used by financial institutions for online banking. The portal is accessible online on any mobile device as well as through a free app available at the Apple App Store and Google Play – the app is just one of the ways in which myHealthRecord differs from other patient portals.

wch-tech“In addition to helping our patients manage their health information effectively, we also expect that the portal will reduce unnecessary testing, adverse drug complications and, by allowing patients to manage their appointment schedules, reduce appointment no-shows,” said Andrew Schroen, myHealthRecord project lead. “It will help strengthen the patient-provider relationship and give our clinicians more time to focus on delivering care to their patients.”

In addition to the great features already offered in myHealthRecord, the hospital is continuously working on adding new and exciting elements that will be offered in the near future, such an electronic wait list for some clinics and proxy access, allowing patients to share their health information with others.

“As a leader in offering innovative health system solutions and providing equitable access to healthcare, we introduced myHealthRecord to help our patients get access to their health information and become active participants in their own care,” said Heather McPherson, executive vice-president, patient care & ambulatory innovation, WCH. “By giving our patients the tools to access to their health information, myHealthRecord allows them to be involved and engaged – and truly become partners in their own healthcare.”

Magdalena Stec is the Communications Lead, Strategic Communications at Women’s College Hospital.