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New product spotlight: Samsung Galaxy Book

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Power, precision, and portability in a streamlined 2-in-1 device

Like all professions, healthcare is becoming increasingly digital. Today, those working in the health sector need easy access to information in any location, from the hospital bedside and consulting room to the administrative office. They want quick – and secure – ways to read and update patient data electronically, as medical records rapidly shift from paper to digital storage. In the past year, for example, nearly 162,000 clinicians across Canada were active users of electronic health records – more than double the number of users just three years ago.

And for years, healthcare professionals and other device users have wanted an easy-to-carry tablet that could also be used as a reliable laptop. Enter Samsung’s Galaxy Book, a flexible new hybrid device for people who want a high-quality tablet that doubles as a lightweight portable PC – with Samsung’s matchless signature screen display.

Keeping pace with the workplace

For healthcare professionals who need to maximize productivity in an increasingly mobile working environment, this recent Samsung option offers the capacity for high-efficiency output with maximum portability and quick Internet connectivity from virtually any location. Whether doing hospital rounds, attending scientific sessions, tapping into telemedicine, or taking a moment to catch up on CME, those in the healthcare sector will find the Samsung Galaxy Book a product that keeps pace with their mobile working environments.

“There’s an increasing shift toward mobile productivity, and that’s why we’re excited to launch this 2-in-1 device that combines the power of a PC with the mobility of a tablet,” says Shrey Thakrar, Director and category head, Mobile Division, at Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. “The Galaxy Book is truly built for professionals on the go and enables them to work from anywhere.”

The Samsung Galaxy Book 12” is a place where heavy work power meets lightweight mobility. Its detachable backlit keyboard with stand offers enhanced functionality with no recharging required. When work is done, the sleek 754-gram unit quickly converts from notebook to tablet.

In addition to a fast-charging battery and an advanced pressure-sensitive S Pen, the model comes with a built-in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and also features Samsung Flow for seamless interface between wireless devices.

Enhanced security

The Galaxy 12” offers the security that all healthcare-sector professionals require. The model comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows PRO, whose many embedded security features such as encryption maintain the integrity of each device and protect sensitive medical information and patient data from today’s security assaults.

Battery power

The Galaxy Book’s battery delivers laptop power without the worry of lag. In a single charge, the 12-inch model supplies up to 11 hours of battery life, and the smaller 10.6-inch version up to 9 hours. “This technology means you can fully charge your device in less than three hours, which is ideal when gearing up for long commutes and work hours,” says Thakrar.  Travellers working en route or attendees at conferences and workshops can take notes at all-day sessions without stopping to recharge.

Software advantages

Healthcare-sector employees will find the Windows 10 feature of the Galaxy Book makes it easy to compile reports and databases and create worksheets, charts, and presentations using its smooth, easy-touch keyboard with island-style keys. The book is ideal for quickly accessing treatment information or drug contraindications and updating medical records at the bedside.

Vivid display

Offering impressive visuals, the 12-inch model features an energy-efficient, battery-sparing AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display, as well as a contrast-sharpening TFT LCD (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal) display). These facilitate the reading of intricate details in medical tables, figures, and graphics.

The screen also permits viewing at different angles with no colour loss, which can be critical for the accurate interpretation of medical images. Users can zoom in on images to make notes using text as well as write comments or draw diagrams with the improved S Pen. The pen is designed to provide a precise, natural-feeling writing experience. “You can even quickly jot something down while the screen is locked,” says Thakrar. Samsung’s Air Command feature gives users fast access to S Pen functions and lets them easily share their creations online.

High-quality sound

Thanks to its stereo speakers, the 12-inch book delivers exceptional sound, a useful feature for healthcare professionals when listening to detailed medical podcasts video presentations. High-quality audibility makes it practical to attend medical meetings and professional conferences remotely.

Wireless connection

The 12-inch model also features two USB Type-C ports for additional accessories and is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, allowing smooth connectivity to wireless accessories.

With the Samsung Flow feature, users can pause an activity on a Samsung smartphone and pick it up from the same point on a Galaxy Book. “You can also unlock your Galaxy Book with your smartphone and change devices as you need to, which is great if you’re going between meetings and appointments,” Thakrar says.

Samsung Galaxy Book. Available at all Samsung Experience Stores.

10.6-inch model, 1.4 lbs (650 g)  CAD $899.99

12-inch model 1.6 lbs (754 g) CAD $1,899.99

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