Opening the door to the future: New Osler Hospital affords new job opportunities


Robert Bell, CEO of William Osler Health Centre, is pondering a very important question these days. With the building of a new hospital in Brampton and major redevelopment plans for the Etobicoke, Georgetown and existing Brampton hospitals, William Osler Health Centre will be ranked among the largest and most modern hospitals in Canada.

Bell has the tremendous responsibility to ensure that the new and redeveloped facilities are adequately staffed. His question is simple, “Will we be able to find enough people, interested in career growth to fill the vacancies at our hospital?”

Healthcare is definitely an industry that makes a difference. Every clinician, every health-care worker, every technologist, every housekeeping and administrative professional that works in a hospital contributes to a worthwhile cause every day. Working for a hospital means being part of an organization that saves lives and provides care by being able to adopt the most advanced medical techniques now and in the future.

“Recruitment and retention of top-notch medical and clinical staff is a major goal for this organization,” says Bell. ” To ensure the tradition of strong leadership and the provision of quality patient care continues, we have to attract the type of people we have working in our environment today. Career advancement and education opportunities will be supported as they go a long way in retaining the best people.”

When the redevelopment is finished, William Osler Health Centre will be able to provide the most advanced services. It will mean delivering publicly funded healthcare in state-of-the-art facilities. It will mean an opportunity to become part of an organization that can be the driving force in the health-care industry.

“A health-care facility this sophisticated has the potential to attract and retain the best physicians from North America,” says Bell.

“William Osler Health Centre will be able to accommodate more medically advanced services and continue to hire top health-care professionals. This means more opportunities to work with some of the most skilled physicians, technologists and health care workers in Canada, all the while being privy to the newest medical technologies available,” he says.

William Osler Health Centre will have newer and expanded clinical services such as advanced cardiac care and expanded cancer care facilities. Working in an environment that can treat and battle diseases such as cancer and cardiac diseases by using advanced technologies, can be a rewarding career choice.

These advanced techniques will also be changing all the time. The potential for new discoveries in medicine is possible, and within a facility that has the room and the technology to accommodate the latest in science, there is the opportunity for professionals to learn and grow.

As the health-care facilities expand, so do the job opportunities.

“In this highly competitive health-care market, William Osler Health Centre must attract the best and brightest talent,” says Stephen Foreman, Vice President Human Resources and Change Management. “We must be competitive, fair and equitable in our compensation systems, provide feedback, training and educational opportunities, and develop mentoring programs. Understanding the basic need of individuals and their professional aspirations will assist with the successful recruitment efforts now and in the future.”

To achieve this goal, William Osler Health Centre must continue to position and market itself as an employer of choice and remain strategic and progressive in its recruitment and retention initiatives. The marketplace remains highly competitive and encompasses not only Ontario, but also North American and international markets.

“The new hospital offers professionals the chance to be part of something unique in Canada. The door is opening to allow for tremendous opportunities in a state-of-the-art setting with the best community hospital in the province,” notes Foreman. “Health-care professionals who come to William Osler Health Centre will enter into a world where excellent patient care is achieved through the sharing of knowledge and best practices, and where healthcare professionals can truly make an impact.”

William Osler Health Centre is taking the necessary steps to become a magnet for the best and brightest health-care professionals including physicians and allied health-care workers. Conservative estimates for new hires are approximately 200 more physicians and 1500 staff. In preparation for the anticipated staffing requirements, a comprehensive human resources plan is in development

“The goal,” Bell states, “is to become a great place to work for health-care staff.”

New hospital fast facts:

The new Brampton Hospital:

  • plans to be open by end of 2005
  • will house 608 beds
  • accommodate 90,000 emergency visits,
  • 110,000 outpatient visits
  • 4,250 births each year

For more information on career opportunites with William Osler Health Centre please contact: Shirley Ward, Corporate Recruiter at 905-796-4066 ext. 22189 or e-mail to: