Our People Care at The Credit Valley Hospital

At the Credit Valley Hospital our vision is “to be the finest hospital in the hearts and minds of the people we serve”. In order to achieve our goals, we have begun a new customer service program known as Our People Care. The basic principle of Our People Care is that “excellence in patient care is achieved through excellence in people care”.

Caring within the hospital setting often focuses exclusively on the relationship between caregivers* and patients and their family members. While the patient-caregiver relationship is critical to the provision of excellence in patient care, we believe that in order for caregivers to nurture relationships with patients and their families, they themselves must feel cared for. In essence, the needs of the individual caregivers must be met before they can meet the needs of patients and their families.

At Credit Valley, we believe that all people** in the hospital need to feel cared for. We believe that all people must feel valued and respected, and believe that the contribution of every person, regardless of his or her position in the hospital, is vital to the provision of excellence in patient care. Furthermore, we believe that the caring attitudes will automatically be transferred to our patients and families, and finally, full-circle, from patients and families back to the caregivers.

Our People Care is really nothing new to Credit Valley – we are already doing it! The program simply builds upon our existing culture and will enable us to go from being good to being great!

The first implementation phase of Our People Care has been to assess the current hospital culture to evaluate how well we are “living our values”.

The second phase of implementation focuses on building long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our caregivers. The first step in this process is to work with existing patient care teams or work groups in the hospital to determine how well they are functioning together. They may identify the need for skills training and development to help them reach team goals. The primary focus of the Our People Care About Our Teams is caregivers caring for one another by living the values. Our People Care will also be implemented on a more global level through information sharing, staff feedback processes, and more formally celebrating our successes and examples of Our People Care in action. We will begin the second phase of Our People Care in the New Year.

During these challenging and stressful times in health care, it is critical that all people care and support one another. Although the concept of caring for people is not new at Credit Valley, we believe Our People Care will provide the framework, and necessary skills to assist all people in the hospital in caring for one another. We believe that caring for our caregivers will help us to maintain our reputation as a “people place”, a phrase frequently articulated by staff and the community at large during the establishment phase of the hospital. We believe this will support us in successfully transitioning to a new, larger hospital.

Wendy Campbell is Patient Feedback Representative at The Credit Valley Hospital.

*Caregivers refers to those people who play a role in providing care and support services for patients and their families. This includes volunteer partners, physicians and staff (everyone who is working in the hospital).

**People refers to caregivers, patients, families and visitors