Partnership will enhance care for patients with chronic kidney disease

As a nursing student in the United Kingdom, Clint Gunn was inspired to pursue the multi-faceted field of , and from overseas, he set his sights on the internationally recognized program at The Scarborough Hospital.

Fast forward several years. Clint joined the TSH team in 2011, and demonstrates continued excellence in his role as Clinical Resource Leader. So much so that when Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) approached TSH to discuss a unique partnership opportunity in nephrology and hemodialysis, he was the prime candidate.

“We welcome this chance to share our expertise and invest in the professional development of our staff,” says Ethel Doyle, Patient Care Director at TSH. “We chose to send Clint because, in addition to his outstanding clinical knowledge and remarkable leadership skills, he exemplifies the values of our organization.”

She adds that TSH has a well-established regional renal program and staff is often requested to provide support to peer hospitals and share best practices among colleagues. Clint’s six-month secondment began April 2 and runs until September.

PRHC’s regional renal program has been growing since its inception a decade ago, and is at an ideal stage to re-energize and redesign its structure.

“As a hospital and as a regional program, we stand to benefit from Clint’s experience and expertise. We are also interested in finding out how this type of role would work within our organization,” says Jayne White, Chief Practice officer and Chief Nursing Executive at PRHC.

“This is an excellent example of collaboration across our LHIN and a mutually beneficial arrangement. At PRHC, Clint will be exposed to a new work environment, community and staff.”

During his time at PRHC, Clint hopes to focus on core competencies in interprofessional education and collaborative practice including shared decision-making, appreciating differences and willingness to share power, which takes a bottom-up approach to leadership and empowers staff to take ownership.

Clint brings more than 14 years of experience to the field of nephrology, and throughout his career, he has gathered many unique qualities in terms of understanding and managing the challenges that can arise within professional practice. He has also shared his expertise internationally on behalf of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) in regards to healthcare transformation.

His expertise as a mentor, educator and facilitator, coupled with extensive knowledge in promoting clinical excellence and reciprocal understanding of roles, is the foundation for his work at PRHC.

“My approach to coaching is to build on current achievements and establish the confidence and skills for staff to move forward together,” says Clint.

He adds that TSH has a very progressive nephrology program due in large part to its strong leadership team. Being a part of that team has helped him improve and grow his own professional practice, which he continues to share with others in the field.

“Although we have much need for Clint within our program, we are honoured to share his knowledge, leadership and accomplishments across the Central East LHIN,” says Ethel. “And I am certain that Clint will also benefit from the experience and exposure in Peterborough. It is this collaborative approach to such initiatives that makes all of us successful.”

She adds there is a lot of talent at TSH and is happy to report that in Clint’s absence, his responsibilities will be managed from within the organization by Jocelyn Faigal, an RN who comes to this leadership opportunity from the Clinic.