People caring for people – it’s the Credit Valley Way

When a professional chooses healthcare, it’s a vocation; when professionals choose to work at Credit Valley it’s because they are looking for a cutting edge organization that offers the best tools, the best environment and the best people to work with!

Credit Valley’s vision is “to be the finest hospital in Canada in the hearts and minds of the people we serve.” We hire people who share our vision and model it in their daily work. Our hospital values Ñ excellence in patient care, teamwork, partnership, respect, leadership and accountability Ñ are not simply words on a page. We live them every day. Our home grown, internationally recognized customer service program -Our People Care – is built on the philosophy that “excellence in patient care is achieved through excellence in people care.”

Providing excellence in patient care is what makes Dr. Eric Letovsky, and others on our medical staff, world-class. As chief of emergency medicine in one of the busiest emergency departments in Canada, Dr. Letovsky’s knowledge, approach and warm bedside manner models the behaviour that makes his emergency department one of the most sought-after sites for medical residencies. He came to Credit Valley nine years ago. “I was attracted to Credit Valley because of its progressive nature and forward thinking. Credit Valley offered the opportunity to work in a patient-centred, quality-focused hospital.”

The Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre, a recent addition to the hospital, offers state-of-the-art oncology treatment in chemotherapy and radiation. With a growing demand for care closer to home, Credit Valley offers opportunities for professionals in the field of oncology and other regional patient services. As a paediatric oncology group of Ontario (POGO) site, Credit Valley takes pride in the fact that children with cancer can live a more normal life since access to care is closer to home and less intrusive on their families and their lives.

Anna Geraldes, also known as “Princess Pokey” to her paediatric oncology patients, says she enjoys her work because she loves the children. “I like the community feel. I enjoy the continuum of seeing these families in the grocery store in the community. I develop a personal connection with them. I get great satisfaction from the fact that we can provide care for them right in their own community allowing them to get back to their busy lives. I enjoy being a part of the community we serve.”

With a mere 21 years of history under its belt, The Credit Valley Hospital offers its employees the vitality of it’s youth – complete with a young body and a young and inquisitive mind that thrives on the latest and the best that technology and environment have to offer. Our hospital logo reflects our nurturing environment. Growing from a strong foundation with deep roots in our community is a tree, shaped like a stethoscope, representing the relationship between health and diagnosis. The branches of the tree represent our expanding regional programs and services to our diverse multicultural community.

We nurture our patients to health just as we nurture the minds of our employees and our future employees. The Credit Valley Hospital recently opened its Family Medicine Teaching Unit to train residents from the University of Toronto’s postgraduate program to become family physicians. In September 2007, we hope to have first year medical students begin their affiliation with Credit Valley as part of the Academy of Medicine being established at U of T’s Mississauga campus. Credit Valley also provides work experience for hundreds of students from every regulated profession. But it doesn’t end with graduation. We believe life-long learning is important to maintain world-class care for our patients. We provide ongoing educational opportunities and financial support for our staff wishing to upgrade their skills to achieve a higher level of excellence.

Credit Valley has a lot to offer employees in terms of work conditions, environment, salary, corporate culture, continuing education and life balance through programs and incentives. On lunch break our employees may attend a lunch and learn session offered by the employee assistance program on financial management or perhaps a seminar on quick meal preparation for their family. They may prefer to go for one of the 15 minute seated massage sessions offered through the occupational health and safety department. Or perhaps they’d rather relax in the hospital’s new main lobby, an architectural wonder of natural light and great arches constructed of BC Douglas Fir trees.

The lobby and other welcoming alcoves nestled among the hustle and bustle of this busy community hospital invite staff, visitors and patients alike to sit and enjoy some quiet reflection or a chat with a colleague. The main lobby is the venue for the Music of Healing and Hope program. The Steinway grand piano located there was donated by the father of one of Credit Valley’s pre-eminent physicians, Dr. David Clarkson. He recently received the Council Award from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to honour outstanding Ontario physicians who have demonstrated excellence and come closest to meeting society’s vision of an “ideal physician.” His mother’s piano along with many other musical instruments, provide music and comfort for patients and staff.

Steve Agelakos is a technical support specialist in the hospital’s information systems department. Steve regularly volunteers his time to entertain fellow employees, but even more importantly, bring pleasure of “the music of healing and hope” to the patients we serve. He says, “the very nature of my work requires that I go on location to solve PC, telephone and printer problems which gives me the opportunity to meet many of the employees in the hospital. I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer group of people. My guitar playing is a way for me to say thank you.”

People are driven to give back to Credit Valley because of what the organization has given to them… people caring for people. That’s the Credit Valley way.