Promoting a positive workplace

Runnymede’s Values In Action Award display brings recognition to the forefront.

Recognition can make all the difference in promoting a quality work environment. With both the Long Service and Values in Action Awards, recognizes the remarkable contributions of staff that ensure a positive experience for the hospital’s patients and fellow team members.

The Long Service Awards recognize those staff members that have raised the bar with their commitment to Runnymede. Recognizing commitments of five, 10, 15, 20 and more years of commitment, these outstanding staff members contribute their years of knowledge and share this experience with everyone they work with.

Margaret Tobin, whose 29 year commitment was recognized in 2015, says that “working at Runnymede is like being part of a community. All the years that I’ve spent here have allowed me to understand the hospital, and the unique needs of Runnymede’s patients. Being recognized for this experience makes me feel really appreciated.”

The Long Service Awards also share the tight-knit community that has sprung up amongst staff at Runnymede Healthcare Centre. “Seeing their colleagues recognized for their long-standing contributions to Runnymede is inspiring to those working towards longer service milestones as well as new hires,” says Director of Human Resources Richard Mendonca.

The Values in Action Awards continue to be an important part of recognizing staff members’ exceptional contributions towards making Runnymede Healthcare Centre a great place to work. These awards were established in 2012 and have since acknowledged the ways that recipients have exemplified Runnymede’s ICARE Values in the areas of Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

The Values in Action Awards serve to recognize those staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their job performance, but there have been additional outcomes in the workplace culture since Runnymede began handing out these awards. Chief Planning & Communications Officer Sharleen Ahmed explains that “since implementing the Values in Action Awards, there has been an increase in awareness of Runnymede’s values as we all work to incorporate those into our daily work. These values can be seen in action when someone offers a supportive ear to a patient; they take on extra work to make sure an event goes off without a hitch, or any of the many ways that people here contribute to making Runnymede an outstanding hospital and a special place to work.”

For Administrative Assistant Justyna Slazyk, receiving a Values in Action award in 2015 meant a lot more than just having a certificate to put on the wall. “Being nominated by my peers and recognized by the Awards committee felt like a big deal to me. Feeling recognized not just by my manager but other people that I work with made me feel motivated to work even harder.”

“We know from experience that sharing our appreciation for our team members brings everyone closer together and improves the overall workplace environment,” says Ahmed. “These awards give everyone a chance to recognize some of our most dedicated staff and in turn, to strive further to bring Runnymede’s values to everything we do.”

It’s not just staff that are being awarded. Runnymede’s has been recognized by several industry awards, including receiving the Quality Healthcare Workplace Award (QHWA) three years running, as well as Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada.  The hospital has received a Leading Practice award from Accreditation Canada, which recognizes their commitment to promoting a culture of wellness and work-life balance.

In October 2014 Runnymede embarked on a new strategic planning process and their dedication to staff is an integral part of the ambitious, five-year strategic plan, Vision 2020: Redefining Possible. The plan outlines Runnymede’s bold new vision, transforming healthcare together, and acts as a roadmap to achieving the hospital’s new strategic directions: You first; Lead innovation; Access and support; and Supporting transformation.

You first is an important commitment. It reflects the hospital’s goal of putting patients at the centre of decision-making processes in addition to ensuring that staff have the support the need to deliver an outstanding patient experience and enhance their own practice as a member of the Runnymede team.

Runnymede recognizes that an investment in staff will foster a culture of clinical excellence, curiosity and innovation which are essential components of the hospital’s strategic directions and will pay dividends for patients now and in the future and ensure ongoing quality improvement.