Robo Nurse

Researchers and designers at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre Innovative Centre for Studies in Aging are finding more practical ways to make life easier for the elderly and their caregivers. RoboNurse, a new lifting device developed by Dr. Geoff Fernie, Gerry Griggs, Phil Wilcox, Pam Holliday, Mauro Pacitto and Gilad Shoham recently received a Proof of Principle award and will soon begin clinical trials. The research and design team has invented an entirely new concept to help health professionals and caregivers move patients gently and safely with all the advantages of a fixed overhead lift, but without the limitations.

This different approach will enable patients to be transported from place to place where tracking is not available. Over ten years ago Dr. Fernie brought the first portable powered overhead patient lift to the market called SturdyLift. RoboNurse will benefit patients and staff in both acute and long term care settings. Back pain and injury in healthcare workers due to lifting and moving patients is a well-recognized problem. In fact, nurses have the highest rate of injury and 38 per cent are back injuries related to lifting. Please contact Evelyn Lemont at 416-480-5858 if you are interested in this clinical trial.