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Runnymede Healthcare Centre Leading the Way in Facilities Management

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Runnymede Healthcare Centre received an overall score of 96 per cent in a rigorous audit assessing the hospital’s commitment to high quality standards and performance in the delivery of support services, such as housekeeping and laundry.

The audit was the final phase in a four-month implementation of the Healthcare Compass Service Framework (CSF), a standard operating platform for best practices in hospital support services that was piloted by Compass Group in Canada in 2011. The audit was performed in October 2012 by Crothall Healthcare (a division of Compass Group Canada), an organization that provides environmental and laundry services at the hospital.

Canada’s healthcare industry is always evolving, and as a result, being aware of leading practices and implementing them is a top priority at Runnymede.  This was the driving force behind implementing the CSF at the hospital after Compass joined the team in June 2012.  The completion of this process made Runnymede the first new business to utilize the CSF in Compass Group Global support services, and the country’s second CSF-certified hospital.

Compass Group originally developed the CSF in an effort to enhance patient safety and quality of service, important principles that align with those of Runnymede Healthcare Centre. Accessed online, the CSF software platform compiles best practices in client management, operations management, service control and operational standard procedures from around the world.

The online tool outlines how services should be provided and the outcomes to measure for success and benchmarking. Through quarterly snapshot audits, Runnymede stays up-to-date on staff training in the areas of health and safety and infection control. For instance, environmental services staff at the hospital recently completed a series of Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Council (PIDAC) training sessions, covering a range of topics including hand hygiene, disinfection and sterilization methods.

The CSF is a global blueprint for the consistent and efficient delivery of multiple support services, and ensures replicable success at both the local and global levels in a cost-effective manner. It also facilitates knowledge sharing, making it possible to capture innovations in healthcare from across the globe, while promoting transparency and mutual agreement on best practices.

“The CSF is a world class best practice,” says Mike Murray, Regional Vice President, Crothall Healthcare. “Our global community of practice experts continuously revise and improve our delivery process. The Healthcare Knowledge Library (HKL) section of the platform allows our managers to share and access the knowledge and experiences of our global healthcare sites.  With this knowledge and the rigorous service delivery and service management structures, we consistently deliver on commitments and expectations for our clients. In just four months, Runnymede’s Bernice Acheampong, Environmental Services Manager, along with the support of Crothall Canada’s Wayne Close, District Manager and Canada CSF Deployment Lead were able to have Runnymede Healthcare Centre completely certified with an impressive score of 96%.”

The CSF audit highlighted particular areas where Runnymede excels, including managing change effectively across the organization and strengthening internal processes to ensure appropriate personnel respond to and monitor situations to satisfactory completion. This focus on operational excellence once again demonstrates the hospital’s long-standing commitment to progress and continuous improvement.

“The transition to and implementation of the CSF at Runnymede has greatly contributed to the quality of support services at the hospital,” says Corinne Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Runnymede Healthcare Centre. “The framework allows us to tailor our response systems to the patient population and our available resources and staff, which assists with the management of quality control and accountability. Building an infrastructure that’s based on a strong culture of enhancing our operational processes and improving quality means that our staff can continue to provide prompt and reliable care to patients in a safe environment.”

Support services play a vital role in creating a nurturing and safe environment for patients, families, staff and volunteers within every healthcare organization.  Environmental and laundry services are an essential part of this, and Runnymede staff are trained in effective environmental cleaning and disinfection methods to assist the interprofessional team in controlling the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The protocols and policies that the support services staff follow at Runnymede are compliant with a number of relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Canadian Standards Association, Centre for Disease Control, Canadian Association of Environmental Management and the Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee.

Having the CSF in place demonstrates Runnymede’s commitment to high quality standards and performance. Runnymede Healthcare Centre’s mandate is to continue to raise the standard of quality care as the hospital continues to grow and expand.  The CSF supports that mandate and enables the hospital to enhance care processes with patient safety as a fundamental and essential attribute of quality healthcare.


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