Steps for healthy feet


Approximately 200,000 Canadians, or 15 per cent of people with diabetes, will develop leg or foot ulcers in their lifetime as a consequence of their disease, with 14 to 24 per cent of them eventually requiring amputation.

To reduce the prevalence of amputations resulting from foot ulcers, the Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC) is stepping up its awareness and public education campaign.

Through funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the CAWC has developed a new website that is easy to navigate for those with diabetes as well as health-care providers. It contains steps to take for healthy feet, contacts for foot care professionals, questionnaires and a wealth of other invaluable information every person living with diabetes should know.

The CAWC also created a brochure called Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You that incorporates easy-to-follow questions, pictures and suggestions to quickly pinpoint foot ulcers.

In creating the website and brochure, the CAWC brought together health-care professionals from across Canada and conducted a focus group of Canadians living with diabetes. “We are very pleased to provide these excellent tools for patients with diabetes and for health-care professionals who educate and counsel Canadians living with diabetes,” said Karen Philp, CAWC Chief Executive Officer. “By raising awareness of the best practices in screening, educating and managing foot care we hope to reduce the suffering of patients and their families that results from limb amputations relating to diabetic foot ulcers.”

To visit the website:

For a copy of the brochure call 416-485-2292 or e-mail