Take Back the Breast


The Breast of Canada (BoC) calendar was created as an awareness-raising, educational tool for women. Now in its third year of publication, the 2004 calendar offers current breast health information, interesting breast lore and inspiring quotes plus monthly reminders to do a breast self examination. Each month features tasteful, artistic portraits of anonymous, volunteer models.

“I am delighted with the positive feedback and increased understanding of this year’s calendar,” said publisher Sue Richards “The calendar is designed to provide Êdaily encouragement to be proactive about your breast health.”

Breast of Canada encourages the cultivation of a healthy perspective about breasts in our society. Showing normal, everyday breasts provides fodder for thought and conversation.

“It’s a way to ‘take back the breast’,” Richards said, “by bringing a taboo issue into the open.”

“This may inspire you or challenge you. Either way, you will think about your breasts. And that’s a step in the right direction.”

Net proceeds from the sale of the 2004 calendar will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, the national voice of breast cancer survivors representing more than 150 advocacy, support and research groups across Canada.

“As an educational tool, the calendar serves its owners well and provides a daily, year-round reminder about breast health issues, thereby furthering the educational objectives of the CBCN,” said CBCN spokesperson Michelle Kowlessar. “We are very happy to be involved a second year.”

For more information and to order your copy please visit: www.breastofcanada.com