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    The Importance of Providing Health Benefits in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the Canadian job market, leading to a significant increase in the number of part-time and casual workers. However, some companies struggling to maintain their workforce or stay afloat are turning to hiring more flexible workers without providing the same level of job security or benefits (such as health insurance, paid time off, or retirement plans) as full-time employees.

    This trend is concerning as it can lead to financial instability and insecurity for workers who may not have access to the same protections as full-time employees. While casual or part-time work can offer flexibility and a way to supplement income, the lack of job security and stability that often comes with this type of work can lead to further stress and uncertainty. It is important to address these issues and ensure that all workers have access to the benefits and protections they need to thrive.

    It’s no secret that employee health and wellness benefits can help employers attract and retain talented workers. In today’s competitive job market, providing even part-time or casual employees with access to a comprehensive health benefits solution can be a key factor in attracting great talent and preventing turnover. This is especially true for younger generations, who place a high value on their mental as well as physical wellbeing.

    A recent study conducted by Environics Research and commissioned by Dialogue Health Technologies Inc. which polled more than 1500 Canadians, found that financial barriers (40 per cent) and lack of time (32 per cent) prevent Canadians from prioritizing their well-being. Additionally, 90 per cent of respondents said it’s important for employers to provide support to improve well-being, but only 45 per cent said they’ve noticed employers taking action.

    Health Care Providers Group Insurance Plan offers a wide range of affordable benefits for casual, part-time, contract and temporary hospital employees – all at no added cost to the hospital. Unlike virtually any other group plan, HCP is available to individual employees and their families on a voluntary basis.

    The advantages of HCP are robust, and include:

    • Access to the HCP proprietary products as well as other plan offerings for employees in unique situations
    • A more comprehensive level of guaranteed coverage exclusively reserved for endorsing hospital groups
    • Support from a team of service professionals, there to assist at any time

    The ongoing skills shortage in Canada, coupled with rising inflation and recession anxiety, has created a tight talent market, and employee expectations around benefits have changed, especially in a post-pandemic workplace.

    As we continue to move beyond the pandemic, it’s important for companies to recognize the value of their part-time and casual workers and provide them with the same level of benefits and protections as their full-time counterparts. This can not only benefit individual workers but also lead to a more stable and productive workforce overall.

    Health Care Providers Group Insurance Program provides hospitals with the opportunity to offer benefits that part-time, casual and contract employees truly deserve.

    For more information, get in touch with HCP at: or (905) 431 0497.

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