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Toldo Neurobehavioral Institute

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The Toldo Neurobehavioral Institute (TNI) is a specialized inpatient tertiary mental health hospital located in the heart of the Tayfour Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) in Windsor, Ontario.  The institute specializes in treating severe forms of mental illnesses that are complex, chronic and, resistant to treatment.  This includes mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, dual diagnoses of developmental disabilities in combination with a psychiatric diagnosis, mental illnesses associated with geriatric populations, or severe disorders in which the exact diagnosis is unclear.

The treatment approach at the TNI is grounded in the understanding that mental illness has biological roots and psychiatrists play a key role in directing patient care.  However, family life, social functioning and patterns of thought and behavior are all impacted by mental illness.  To treat all of these aspects of mental illness, multidisciplinary teams consisting of psychiatrists, hospitalists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist, recreation therapists, dieticians and clinical pharmacists collaborate with each patient to develop and launch a specialized plan of care.  “Treatment is holistic, creative and is focused on, not only symptom relief but, also on personal growth and maximizing quality of life.” stated Dr. Gina Bulcke, Director of Family Mental Health and Addiction Services for WRH.

The Toldo Neurobehavioral Institute is housed in a state-of-the-art structure built according to the gold standards of treatment and safety.  The physical structure of TNI boasts an innovative design specially constructed to meet the needs of patients with severe mental illness. The patient experience is enhanced with a bright and comfortable environment.  Windows are large judiciously placed to maximize sunlight, patient rooms are private and provide stimulating views of the surrounding courtyards and healing gardens.  Treatment rooms are well appointed with equipment to allow for the effective delivery of psychotherapy, life skill training, fitness and wellness interventions and group recreation activities.  The overall design promotes relaxation and facilitates the treatment process.

The local and regional sector supported the initiative positively through Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation’s Cornerstone of Caring fundraising campaign, raising the $7.5 million required to compliment Infrastructure Ontario and Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s $122 million commitment to build and facilitate the inpatient and outpatient mental health structures along with restructuring for rehabilitation and complex continuing care at the Tayfour Campus.

TNI opened in November, 2011, as part of the divestment of 59 beds from the Regional Mental Health Care London/St. Joseph’s.  As of August 31, 2012, over 93 patients have been admitted, 51 patients discharged back into the community or supportive residences, and the average length of stay was 88.15 days.  Admission rates for female and male patients are roughly equal at 48 to 45 respectively, and the average age of patients during this timeframe was 47.5 years.  Admissions come primarily from local and regional acute care psychiatry units, although community referrals are also accepted.  These statistics highlight some of the success in assisting individuals who have faced a lifetime of severe and treatment-resistant illness.  A commitment to excellence, use of well researched best practices and continued investments in staff training and education drive these results and set the course for future goals.


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