Toronto Rehab Opens New Long-Term Care Centre


Toronto’s newest long-term care facility opened in the city’s west end in May.Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre is a joint effort of Toronto Rehab, Canada’s largest adult rehabilitation hospital and Extendicare (Canada) Inc., a leader in long-term care services. Construction was funded by the provincial government.

The new 128-bed facility is situated in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood at 150 Dunn Avenue, beside Toronto Rehab’s Queen Elizabeth Centre. Overlooking an outdoor park and gardens, Lakeside Centre provides a homelike environment and high quality care for individuals who are unable to live independently and require 24-hour nursing care.

Toronto Rehab, a fully affiliated University of Toronto teaching and research hospital, is dedicated to adult rehabilitation and complex continuing care. Through the new centre, the hospital can now extend the continuum of care delivered to patients.

“The residents we serve in Lakeside have less complex medical problems and are more stable than those we serve in complex continuing care,” says Dr. James Edney, who serves as Medical Director for Lakeside and for Toronto Rehab’s Complex Continuing Care Program.

“However, this changes at times because we are dealing with an elderly population that often has multiple chronic diseases. Elderly people may move from long-term care to acute care to rehabilitation and back to long-term care. We need to continue to improve communication and coordination throughout this continuum. That’s a real challenge.”

Dr. Edney says another major challenge is to provide long-term care that enhances each individual’s quality of life. “We have become very good at extending lives,” he says. “But we need to do more than that. We need to make that life worth living.”

Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre aims to do just that. The Centre is designed to be as homelike as possible, while still providing the benefits of high quality medical and personal care. Four distinct home areas provide resident rooms, a dining room, lounge and activity space for 32 residents. Both private and standard rooms are available, with the standard rooms designed for maximum privacy. A landscaped courtyard and outdoor terraces provide secure outdoor space for residents, with the public gardens and park beside the Centre providing additional opportunities for walking and fresh air. Other features focus on providing opportunities for gatherings of family and friends. A country kitchen provides space for informal dining and home baking. There is also a private dining room to host family events and an interfaith spiritual room for prayer and faith gatherings.

A team of caregivers provides medical, nursing, therapeutic and personal care. “Our goal is to maintain mental and physical well-being,” says Dr. Edney. “We focus on treating people as individuals, providing them with as much autonomy and decision-making power as possible. For most people, moving into a long-term care facility reflects a loss – of health and independence. We do what we can to restore that person’s sense that they are still in charge of their lives.”

Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre marks a new partnership between Toronto Rehab and Extendicare (Canada) Inc. Toronto Rehab contracted with Extendicare to design and build the new facility, as well as operate, manage and employ the staff. Toronto Rehab holds the license and is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the operation.

All admissions to Lakeside Long-Term Care are coordinated through the Toronto Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) at 416-506-9888. However, tours for prospective residents and their families can be arranged by calling Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre directly at 416-533-2828.