Trillium Health Centre’s promise to its people drives retention and recruitment strategy

Our People Promise – You matter. Whether at work, or at play, our people deserve the best life has to offer and to thrive in a growing health centre where outstanding people generate amazing results.

While competitive pay, benefits, and challenging work may be key drivers that attract many individuals to a particular career opportunity, they are not the top engagement drivers or the factors that keep them at their jobs. Although key recruitment drivers differ according to age group, most employees cite excellent career advancement opportunities, satisfaction with human resource decisions and work/life balance as the top retention drivers.

Trillium Health Centre enjoys an excellent reputation as a health-care leader and, as a result, enjoys strong recruitment and retention rates. But, like all hospitals, Trillium must compete for health-care workers and plan for future human resource needs. Trillium understands its reputation was built by its outstanding people. The Our People Promise campaign was launched in October 2009 to communicate how much Trillium values its people and wants their careers to be challenging and rewarding. It promotes the Total Rewards Program which represents the entire value of working at Trillium to both current and future employees and outlines the information employees need to have when deciding to take advantage of the Total Rewards.

“Trillium launched a new strategic plan in 2009. At that time we made a promise to our patients to care for their health-care needs while they are in hospital and beyond, throughout their lifetime,” says Janet Davidson, O.C., president and CEO. “We have made the same promise to our staff, to care for them for the people that they are.” Highlights of Trillium’s Total Rewards Program include:

  • Annual salary reviews, sabbaticals and preferred provider discounts
  • On-going learning and development programs, talent management and career pathing
  • Wellness programs such as exercise classes and massages, healthy food options and social activities
  • Awards, publishing and presenting opportunities, and celebration events

Key features of the Our People Promise Campaign include:

  • A poster in each hospital unit and department featuring a high level overview of the Total Rewards Program
  • A brochure highlighting Trillium’s employee value proposition and a complete listing of its Total Rewards for each one of its 4400 employees
  • A Leaders Briefing Package containing information managers need to communicate effectively with their staff and to help them answer any questions
  • An internal web portal providing staff with the information they need to access the rewards, including forms and external links
  • A road show facilitating direct connection with staff to promote awareness of Trillium’s Our People Promise and its Total Rewards Program

As its people will tell you, Trillium is more than just a place to work. It’s a place for people to grow, to create, to inspire and to be inspired as leaders making a difference in the lives of the people they serve. “The driving influence behind Our People Promise campaign is our staff. Because our people matter. It’s as simple as that,” says Rhonda Lewis, acting chief human resources officer.

“Trillium’s commitment to its employees is evident. It has a great benefits package which is important to me and my young son,” says Eden Ferareza, Identity Management Consultant. “I also love the App!ause! recognition program where staff are recognized by their colleagues or manager. It’s so motivating and uplifting to receive an App!ause!”

“I had heard what a great hospital Trillium is and now that I’m here I know why,” says Patricia Haywood, RN. “It is an environmental leader, provides ergonomic consults for working environments, and a safe and accessible work setting for everyone.””I’m pleased to know our staff appreciate and take advantage of our Total Rewards,” says Rhonda Lewis. “Their participation shows we are making the right investments and the staff feedback has been fabulous.”