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Windsor Regional Hospital Family Campaign celebrates five years

Since its launch in 2009 the Windsor Regional Hospital Family Giving Campaign has raised over $400,000 for programs and services. This incredible success is attributed to both the generous and supportive staff, but also the role of the Ambassadors in the campaign.

Each department/program has a volunteer Ambassador who assists in facilitating the campaign within their program area. They provide staff with information and packages about the campaign. Annually there are 70 to 80 individuals who volunteer their time and efforts as Ambassadors in addition to their regular workloads.

“With 3,000 staff the role of Ambassadors is critical to the campaign’s success.  It would be impossible to communicate and motivate staff without their involvement. Each year I am so impressed that many Ambassadors return to volunteer their time. They truly believe in the campaign and making it a success,” says Kim Willis-More, Manager of Philanthropy.

Sara Simpson is a nurse in the Emergency department and has been an Ambassador for every campaign. “I am so proud to work at Windsor Regional Hospital. It is important to me that I stand behind the work we do here and one of the ways I do that is by participating in the family campaign.”

The six-week campaign is held during the fall each year. In its first year $85,000 was raised, surpassing expectations. It has steadily grown each year. All Windsor Regional Hospital ‘family members’ are encouraged to participate including volunteers, board members and retirees. In addition to raising funds for the hospital, the campaign generates fun and excitement. Donors are eligible for weekly prizes and there are incentives such as pizza parties for teams that do the best.

Staff who support the campaign take enormous pride in their donation.

“There is always a good feeling associated with giving to a good cause, but to be able to give towards a cause of your own choice is ever greater. The Family Giving Campaign is a great way to give to my community and to the place I work. I can actually see and decide where my donation is going,” says Laura Carcelen, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources.

One of the selling features that staff particularly like about the campaign is that they can designate their donation to a program or service that they are passionate about. Once funds are accumulated, the various departments are able to access these funds for medical equipment, programs etc.  This allows staff to see first-hand their gift in action.

The message to staff has always been that, “by a lot of us giving, a little bit the funds add up.”  Certainly this has been the reality over the last four years.  Approximately 28 per cent of staff support the campaign and the majority give an average of $100. annually. Most staff utilize payroll deduction to make their donation however, but one-time gifts are also accepted.

“We take enormous pride in the success of the Family Giving Campaign,” says Ron Foster, Vice-President, Communications, Public Relations and Philanthropy. “Compared to our peer hospitals, this campaign provides extraordinary results. Clearly our staff believe in the mission and values of this organization.”


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