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April 25, 2024 Dr. Jane Philpott on ‘A Doctor’s Description for a Healthier Canada’

Dr Jane Philpott discusses her book with Brian Golden ‘Health for All: A Doctor’s Prescription for a Healthier Canada’ (Signal April 9 2024) For more information: https://HealthierCanada.eventbrite.ca/?aff=janephilpotthospitalnews

May 26-28, 2024 eHealth Conference and Tradeshow
e-Health is the premier event for Canadian digital health professionals working to make a difference in health and healthcare delivery. Since its inception in 2000, the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow has served as a vital epicentre of Canadian digital health discussion and debate, attracting over 1,000 health professionals annually. e-Health is the optimal spot for networking and knowledge sharing with peers nationally and around the globe. With in-demand speakers, expert panellists and presenters, and leading-edge exhibitors, e-Health always delivers memorable education and networking opportunities. VANCOUVER, BC CANADA For more information: https://www.e-healthconference.com/

June 2-4, 2024 CCHL National Conference 2024
The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) is pleased to present the National Conference to be held on June 2-4, 2024 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This conference will present an opportunity for a unified and compelling experience of world-class leadership development, mentorship, thoughtful discussions, and more in an atmosphere of celebration, support, and community.The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) is pleased to present the National Conference to be held on June 2-4, 2024 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For more information: https://cchl-ccls.ca/

June 6-8, 2024 Canadian Paediatric Society 2024
The CPS Conference Planning Committee is excited to be hosting the next Annual Conference in Vancouver and is already working hard to provide an enjoyable, unforgettable learning experience that conference attendees will enjoy and won’t forget.  This ‘in-person’ event is a great opportunity to gain knowledge, share ideas, and network with colleagues and friends. June 6-8, 2024 in Vancouver, BC. For more information: https://na.eventscloud.com/website/62313/eng/home-schedule/

June 7-10, 2024 Canadian Anesthesiologists Canada Conference 2024
The CAS Annual Meeting held in Québec City was a resounding success, bringing together professionals and researchers from various fields. The event featured captivating keynote speakers who provided valuable insights and perspectives. Attendees actively participated in engaging sessions, Problem Based Learning Discussions (PBLD’s), Test-Enhanced Learning Sessions, and Workshops, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange. The Residents’ and Richard Knill Oral Competitions showcased exceptional talent. The conference also exhibited high-quality poster presentations and hosted the CAS Annual Business Meeting. Victoria, BC, June 7-10, 2024. For more information: www.cas.ca/annual-meeting

September 23-25, 2024 Canadian national critical care nursing conference
CACCN has been actively providing critical care education for 40 years! We come together each year at the Canadian Critical Care Nursing Conference (formerly Dynamics of Critical Care). The conference allows you to share and learn the latest on a multitude of topics, and to hone your skills both clinical and professional through Fast & Focused, Concurrent, Mastery, Plenary and Poster presentations. This national event also provides an excellent opportunity to network with nurses and interprofessional colleagues from across the country and abroad. Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA For more information: https://caccn.ca/canadian-critical-care-nursing-conference-2024/

October 15-17, 2024 Medtech Conference
The MedTech Conference in Toronto, Canada, October 15-17, 2024, will help you look ahead and create new possibilities. Featuring world-class speakers, a cross-cutting educational program, invaluable networking and next-level technology, this forum for transformational ideas is a can’t-miss event for the industry’s prominent and most promising companies. Metro Toronto Conference Centre, Toronto, Ontario CANADA For more information: https://themedtechconference.com/

October 20-22, 2024 Children’s Healthcare Conference                                                Over the next two years, the Children’s Healthcare Canada Annual Conference will focus on our mission to “Right-sizing Health Systems for Kids”. In 2024 we are Navigating to brighter futures. This year’s event aims to dissect the concept of right-sizing health systems. What resources, policies, and actions do we need in place to navigate through these complex relationships, issues, and systems? In 2025 we tackle Creating the future together. The goal is to create a healthcare system that meets the needs of children and youth effectively. A ‘Right-Sized’ health system ensures timely access to integrated health services, tailored to each child’s needs, aiming to maximize the potential for every child, youth and family in Canada. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (Hybrid) For more information: https://www.childrenshealthcarecanada.ca/en/news-and-events/annual-conference.aspx

November 20-23, 2024 Diabetes Canada Annual Conference 
The DC/CSEM Conference at Vascular 2023 was hosted in Montreal last October. This world-class event brought together Canadian conferences focused on the treatment and care of vascular-related diseases that affect millions of people. Diabetes Canada was proud to have been a part of Vascular 2023 with 6 other host organizations: the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, CanVECTOR, Diabète Quebec, and Thrombosis Canada. Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA For more information: https://diabetes.ca/get-involved/conferences-(1)/csem-professional-conference

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