New technology enhances cardiac care

Humber River Health recognizes that modern challenges are best met with modern solutions, and understands the importance of collaboration with like-minded organizations to advance health access, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.  To this end, Humber River Health partnered with TeleVU and OBIO®, two organizations focused on healthcare innovation, and...

New technology for advancing inclusive, equitable care

An imaging device developed by an Ontario start-up company is being studied at...

Researchers outline how cells activate to cause fibrosis and organ scarring

New research led by Unity Health Toronto that examines how fibroblast cells in...

London Health Sciences Centre reduces cancer surgery wait times by 50 per cent

Through several focused strategies and a dedicated team effort, London Health Sciences Centre...

News & topics

IPAC Canada Develops Essential New Course to Support Long-Term Care Infection Prevention and Control Leads

Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) is launching a comprehensive training program tailored for Infection Prevention and Control leads working in Long-Term Care (LTC) settings across Canada. This type of course is vital for newcomers to the industry, and essential for those preparing for the certification exam. Our program...

Transitioning older adults back home after hospital

Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) is pleased to announce its partnership with Bayshore HealthCare...

Southlake pioneering advancements in cardiac care

Southlake Regional Health Centre is setting new benchmarks that will bring leading edge cardiac...

Ready for the Next Chapter? Your Wellness Journey Beyond Retirement

Retirement is often thought of as a time of relaxation, travel and enjoying some...

International study indicates living kidney donation is safe in the longer-term

An international study led by researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute at London Health...
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A.I.D.E.T in action at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Department of Medical Imaging
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Wirelessly-powered ‘smart bandage’ could provide drug-free wound care
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First bioresorbable electronic bandage speeds healing by 30%
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Ryerson Graduate Professor Karen Spalding: Helping students thrive
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The Value of Radiology in Canada
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Rho: 16 Bit's AI-based software to opportunistically screen x-rays for low bone mineral density
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World-first discovery impacts treatment of acute respiratory failure
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Multi-thermal Aspects of the Wound Dressing
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Improved treatment for patients with kidney failure
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Study finds high percentage of patients with a severe COVID infection will end up with kidney injury
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3M™ Ranger™ Blood/Fluid Warm Unit 245 with warm high flow set 24355 with 3M™ Ranger™ Pressure Inf DT
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London researchers discover novel method to diagnose long COVID
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Symposium 5 -Virtual care IS care: How Canada can seize a once in decades opportunity to democratize

Medical Specialties

World-first trial shows benefits of finding, treating undiagnosed asthma and COPD

It’s estimated that 70 per cent of people with asthma or COPD go undiagnosed. This is the first study to prove that treating those...

How frailty can impact lung disease

A new study from UHN’s Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI) has identified the...

Addressing homelessness in older people

Homelessness doesn’t only happen to young people but also affects older adults in growing...

Conquering a chronic lung infection

Lung problems plagued David Shoots since his youth. It would take buying a dream cottage as an adult for him to finally piece together the puzzle behind his poor health: a rare, but life-threatening, fungal infection known as chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA).  As a teen, David grew up in a home that frequently flooded, causing mould to flourish. Later, his lungs collapsed at different times. He received surgery, which helped...

New cancer therapy approach slows growth of advanced gastrointestinal tumours

New approach for early cancer treatment was shown to significantly reduce the risk of advanced neuroendocrine tumour progression and death by 72 per cent...


A New Centre To Help Canada’s Nurses Enhance Their Skills

Coming out of the pandemic, Canada’s health care system found many new challenges and many new nurses in hospital wards. This created a need for learning opportunities that The Michener Centre for Post-Graduate Nursing Education (Michener CNE) has stepped up to provide. “With a more...

Empowering Nurse Practitioners to transform Ontario’s healthcare landscape

As healthcare professionals, we are acutely aware of the challenges facing Ontario’s healthcare system....

Nursing Hero: Anna Jalosinski, Alberta Health Services

Honourable Mention: Anna Jalosinski, Alberta Health Services Anna is one of the respected charge...

Nursing Hero 2nd Place: Bonnie Kissick (Alberta Health Services (retired))

I am writing in strong support of Ms. Bonnie Kissick Nurse for Nursing Hero...

Nursing Hero 1st Place: Mark Anthony Gravoso (University Health Network/ Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

I have been inspired, encouraged, and empowered by fellow nurse Mark Anthony Gravoso. He...


Revolutionizing palliative care: Humber River Health’s Hospice @ Home Initiative

As one of Canada’s largest acute care hospitals, Humber River Health (Humber) is dedicated to empowering its patients, while providing them with comprehensive, quality...

Remote monitoring tool improve seniors’ care

Humber River Health (Humber) has identified a core priority of delivering comprehensive, quality care...

How to achieve accountability in long-term care

Memories of the tragedy in Canada’s long-term care (LTC) homes from the pandemic are...

Many older adults receiving home care do not receive palliative care before death

Many older adults receiving home care do not receive any palliative home care before death, suggesting we need better methods to identify people who need this support, according to new research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). "Palliative care is an essential component of a...

Opening the conversation about palliative care

Palliative care is often misunderstood, with many assumptions of what it’s about. In reality, palliative care helps improve a patient’s quality of life until...