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Hospitals will Adopt Team Ontario Approach to Critical Care Crisis

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“Today, provincial modelling data revealed that Ontario is at a ‘dangerous’ point in the pandemic. The number of new COVID-19 cases is growing by three to five per cent each day, there are more than 400 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units, and mortality rates in long-term care are on pace to tragically exceed those seen in the first wave.

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is continuing to work very closely with Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health to offer every support possible to hospitals to mitigate against this impending disaster. Ontario hospitals are passionately committed to patients and to working closely together as a team in an effort to ensure equitable access to critical care. This includes a strong coordinated approach across Ontario’s hospital sector using a provincial critical care incident management system, as well as the probable large-scale transfer of patients across different communities.

The OHA is also calling on every Ontarian to strictly adhere to the public health measures that have been implemented across the province. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 and safeguarding the province’s finite health system capacity will require a continued commitment by each and every person to follow all public health measures, including the necessary additional measures outlined today. If you can, please stay home, avoid unnecessary gatherings, wear a mask indoors and outdoors, wash your hands and maintain physical distancing. Every interaction matters and there is no time to waste.

The weeks ahead will be extremely difficult as hospitals fight relentlessly to protect lives and minimize harm. It is history and the judgement of future generations that will determine whether enough was done to prevent the crisis that now faces us all.


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