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    Nursing Hero Kay Kovachik, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

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    Kay Kovachik, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

    Have you ever had that one nurse that went above and beyond for either you or your family that left a heartwarming memory? I personally have a nursing colleague/mentor that I highly look up to, and she has had a strong role in creating the nurse that I am today.

    I am writing this to nominate Kay Kovachik as a nursing hero. Kay is a Registered Nurse who works in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. I would consider Kay to be my on-going mentor and supporter. Kay has trained and taught several nursing colleagues of mine, as well as many other nurses. Kay is an empathetic, caring and compassionate nurse that goes above and beyond her call of duty.

    She is continually checking in with her nursing colleagues as well as her patients and their families to ensure that they are comfortable and all their needs have been met. She ensures that her patients and their families are well informed and explains anything they do not understand. She has a strong working relationship with her colleagues and the physicians in the Intensive Care Unit and is considered a very respected and valued team member.

    Kay ensures that new staff members feel comfortable and confident by showing them around and making sure they know where all the supplies are. She supports all nursing staff with ongoing learning and education when they are learning new skills and theory. She supports staff members that are going through difficult times/situations and does so in a manner that is compassionate and without judgement.

    The Intensive Care Unit often receives paramedic students to optimize their learning and skills. Kay is always the first person to come in and take them under her wing to teach them the basic level skills required. Overall, she is a very approachable colleague and is a huge supporter and advocate for learning.

    Kay is very committed to the well-being of her patients. Kay enjoys helping others to feel better by assisting with their grooming needs. This includes haircuts, hair washes, shaving, and styling of hair. In the intensive Care Unit, our patients are not always able to speak for themselves. When they cannot, Kay will speak with their next of kin regarding their grooming needs and what that looks like for them on a day-to-day basis. If they are used to a long beard she will help to trim it. All of our patients have been exceptionally thankful and even affirmed that they believe it has helped them to feel better.

    One of our Intensivists Dr. Austgarden has personally identified Kay as a nurse who goes above and beyond and believes that the grooming care she provides does make a significant difference in the patients’ lives, their recovery, and how they feel moving forward. She has gone as far as styling women’s hair after a wash and trim by blow-drying and curling their hair if they request. We all know the importance of basic self-hygiene; however, Kay has taught me that these additional few minutes that you spend with your patient focusing on their hygiene/grooming needs can make a huge impact on patient care and patient satisfaction.

    I would like to nominate Kay Kovachik as a Nursing Hero for going above and beyond in her every day nursing care. She focuses on the tasks that are usually overlooked and she has received outstanding appreciation from not only her patients and their families, but also her fellow nursing colleagues.

    Nominated by: Emily Nicole Dalley, Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.


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