Royal Victoria Hospital opens Centre for Education and Research

One of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH’s) strategic priorities is to accelerate teaching and research and earlier today opened the Centre for Education and Research at the health centre.

RVH is committed to advancing learning and seeking out research opportunities that support organizational performance and enhance patient care,” says Dr. Chris Tebbutt, vice president Academic and Medical Affairs. “Within the walls of the CER, and throughout the health centre, this important work is happening and is having a significant impact on improving patient care.”

Teaching and research are not new to RVH. For years, the health centre has been using research not just to improve care but also to validate and explore best practices. The health centre has also been sharing its expertise as teachers and mentors for more than 100 years, helping to shape the next generations of healthcare providers.

The CER is home to a simulation lab, a classroom, a mock training room, research ethics, office space and a student lounge making it a multi-functional, purpose built space. The RVH Foundation committed $1 million to supporting teaching and research through the Hearts and Minds campaign.