New innovations in cataract surgery from Alcon Canada


While the pandemic has impacted the delivery of health care across the country, Alcon has continued to innovate and help doctors provide exceptional vision to patients. It’s why Alcon has been able to introduce the Clareon® intraocular lens (IOL) with the AutonoMe® delivery system, which will be welcome news to ophthalmologists and patient counsellors in Canada.

Delivering exceptional clarity that lasts, the two new offerings from Alcon are helping cataract surgery patients get back to seeing and exploring what matters most to them.

Adding Clareon® to the growing monofocal portfolio

Monofocal lenses remain the most commonly implanted IOL during cataract surgery at over 80 per cent of all implantations. While monofocal IOLs generally provide clear vision at one distance for patients, their design and manufacturing process also determines how clearly a patient will see after cataract surgery. The new Clareon® IOL adds to Alcon’s expansive portfolio, emerging as an attractive option for its innovative design and benefits.

“A lot of patients have had their cataract surgeries delayed over the last year,” says Dr. Raj Rathee, Chair of the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Ophthalmology Service Chief at North York General Hospital. “We know they are looking to have their vision restored quickly and effectively, so innovation in their lens options means we can provide them with the clearest vision possible.”

‘Cutting edge’ design of Clareon®

“After cataract surgery and implantation of an IOL, patients encounter a wide variety of light sources, including direct, on-axis light sources and off-axis light that enter a patient’s eye from an angle,” says Dr. Rathee. “When off-axis light hits the edge of some optics, it can potentially cause a visual disturbance called a positive dysphotopsia, especially in low light settings.”

The advanced design of Clareon® is intended to help reduce the risk of these visual disturbances and provide patients with exceptional clarity after cataract surgery. The fully usable 6mm optic and integrated precision edge design is engineered to help reduce glare and positive dysphotopsias. This ultra-smooth lens, made from a new BioMaterial, also delivers among the lowest level of glistenings, sub-surface nanoglistenings and surface haze of other monofocal IOLs in the Canadian market.

Innovative implantation with the AutonoMe® delivery system

Another innovation from Alcon this year is the AutonoMe® delivery system. This first and only automated, disposable delivery system created for IOL insertion comes pre-loaded with the Clareon® IOL, making it easy for surgeons to insert the IOL directly from the device to the eye with no manual manipulation. The AutonoMe delivery system has been available in international markets since 2017 and is making its debut in Canada this year.

The hand-held AutonoMe® instrument is ergonomically shaped with an optimized speed control lever that enables easy, single-handed control of IOL advancement with linear speed adjustment. It also helps lower wound trauma compared to manually loaded IOL delivery systems.

“When we are working to clear patient backlogs and complete long-awaited cataract surgeries, efficiency and effectiveness is key,” says Dr. Rathee. “Having access to surgical devices preloaded with the latest IOL technologies helps us in the operating room and benefits patients in achieving the best surgical outcomes.”

The Clareon® IOL offers excellent clarity and refractive stability, which may contribute to visual and social rehabilitation for patients after cataract surgery.

From consultation to procedure, COVID-19 has challenged eyecare professionals across all ends of the patient care spectrum. With rollout of the Clareon® IOL with the AutonoMe® delivery system across Canada, there is good news for patients and the future of cataract surgeries.

To learn more about Clareon® and the AutonoMe® delivery system, speak with your doctor.