Meet Nursing Hero Marsha Samuels

I would like to nominate Marsha SAMUELS, RPN for the 2020 Nursing Hero Award for her outstanding commitment to patient care and remarkable dedication to the Nursing Profession.

I first met Marsha when my mother was admitted to West Park’s 2EB, TB Unit on January 22, 2020.  Since Day One, I have been continually impressed by Marsha’s professionalism, and devotion to patient care, specifically to the vulnerable population.

Over the past months, I have spoken with different patients and other patient family members who have also noticed how compassionate and respectful Marsha is while providing exceptional care.  I have witnessed her on numerous occasions reserving time to think of the needs of various patients while making a personable connection so that the patient feels seen and heard.  Marsha does not shy away from patients with complex medical conditions from diverse cultures even though there is a significant language barrier: be it Chinese, Romanian, Vietnamese or Portuguese.  I feel that Marsha is genuinely interested to help the patient as I sense that she is intrinsically motivated, due to her very positive and energetic attitude.

It seems as though Marsha is always at work, but she takes it on with such courage and strength during these uncertain times.  Marsha always wears her heart on her sleeve, working tirelessly and selflessly to provide consistent, professional yet compassionate patient care and to me, this demonstrates Marsha’s extraordinary dedication for the job and her strong work ethic.  It is uplifting to see Marsha’s pride for West Park and her passion to take care of others.  Marsha is truly an inspiration for going above and beyond the call of duty, not only for the Healthcare Profession, but certainly empowering to many other ‘boots on the ground’ from various essential professions, to which I can personally attest already made a lasting impression.

Marsha has consistently shown an empathetic and calm demeanour no matter how elevated the emotions or actions of some daunting patients yet, she deftly balances stoicism and respect.  I was encouraged when Marsha provided reassurance to me about my mother’s condition, and offered a glimmer of hope, no matter how dire the situation.  A true Team Player, I have observed Marsha always eager to assist, be it the patient, family members or checking in with her colleagues.

All of these qualities I have described above are reasons why I believe that Marsha exemplifies nursing excellence.

Thank you Marsha for making such a profound difference in our community.

On behalf of your patients, we salute you!



Submitted by

Bettina FONG