Hospital News salutes nursing heroes

Honourable Mention – Lois Robinson, RN, emergency department, Rouge Valley Health System

On behalf of all staff of the Rouge Valley Health System – Centenary ER, I would like to nominate Lois Robinson for this year’s Nursing Hero Award.

Lois has been at Centenary for 39 years. It is hard to imagine that this spring Lois will be retiring and leaving her emergency room family.

Looking at the nomination criteria for this award, I cannot imagine any nurse in our organization except Lois who meets each one above and beyond.  It is difficult to give examples of how she meets these criteria without writing a novel so I will provide a brief summary.


“Auntie Lois” as she is affectionately called by all is the most compassionate and caring person we have met.  She is often seen giving her “hugs” to staff and patients when truly needed. At times of stress both patients and nursing staff can always count on Lois for her support.

Auntie Lois has a quiet and calming effect on everyone. She maintains a positive attitude no matter what. Auntie Lois demonstrated the organization’s Start with Heart principles before they even were invented.  To watch her with a small child or even an elderly patient you can see how easily she can calm their fears with her words or even a simple touch.

Auntie Lois is a great mentor when it comes to new nurses and to those of us who have been here a long, long time.  She is a true leader who not only shows everyone respect but has our respect as well. Nursing students and new grads’ fears are often alleviated when working with Lois as she puts them at ease through her professionalism and acceptance of all.


Auntie Lois demonstrates courage, integrity and strength of character through her daily practice in the way that she has overcome her own personal challenges and provides quality patient care.  She maintains her professional development requirements so she can continue to provide safe and current practices.

Auntie Lois has a great relationship with her colleagues here at RVC Emerg.  This includes not only the nurses but doctors, auxiliary staff, support staff and the entire multidisciplinary team. She truly has our trust, respect and admiration and we can only hope to be as great a person as she is.

As mentioned earlier, Lois will be retiring in April. Although we are excited for her, we are also going to miss her terribly. We think that it would be a great way to show how much she has touched our lives and her patient’s lives by presenting her with this award.

Nominated by Lynn Yantha and the emergency department staff