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Runnymede Healthcare Centre establishes itself as community healthcare hub

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By Carla Wintersgill

Runnymede Healthcare Centre is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to build a 200-bed long-term care (LTC) home adjacent to the existing hospital.

On May 1, 2018, Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced it would provide funding for Runnymede’s LTC home as Runnymede transforms into a community health hub.

“Our government is committed to supporting Ontario residents who rely on long-term care homes for their ongoing health and personal care needs. By adding 200 new long-care beds to the redevelopment of the Runnymede Hospital, we are helping more seniors access the care they need in their community, close to family and friends,” said Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

Runnymede’s new LTC home will allow patients to receive desperately needed care closer to home, including the local Maltese population. Runnymede is situated in the heart of Little Malta and this cultural group does not have a LTC facility or dedicated program anywhere in Ontario.

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“We are absolutely thrilled by the provincial government’s announcement that we will receive funding to build a long-term care home on our site. Runnymede Healthcare Centre has a history of providing excellent, patient-focused care. The addition of a long-term care facility to our campus will allow Runnymede to provide comprehensive services for generations to come,” Runnymede President and CEO Connie Dejak said.

By providing active and slow stream rehabilitation, medically complex care and long-term care services, Runnymede has solidified its position as a Community Health Hub.

“Seniors are a growing population in my riding of York South-Weston and beyond, and I believe that they deserve the very best care and support we can provide. That is why as part of our government’s plan to increases access to high-quality long-term care, including the commitment to adding 200 long-care beds to the redevelopment of Runnymede Hospital, we are ensuring that communities across Toronto West are receiving high quality care,” said Laura Albanese, MPP York South-Weston.

 Carla Wintersgill is a Communications Specialist at Runnymede Healthcare Centre.


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